Sunday, May 28, 2017

An Old FInd

I was cleaning our mantel yesterday. I picked up a candlestick and found an old small doily I made probably 25 years ago. I don't know what the pattern is, but most likely it is from Workbasket magazine. I have a collection of those back through 1942.

It was really dusty, dirty, so I decided to try something. I have a little Orvus around here so I got out a glass pie plate, the Orvus, and some hot water and let it soak a couple of times. It didn't turn pure white, but then I didn't expect it to. I probably made it from something off white, like eggshell. Still, it came back pretty good and now I know I did not make it in brown. (I also spotted a mistake.)

Saturday, May 27, 2017


    I really have not been slack. I have been working on the TAT program for the artisan phase. I am afraid I cannot tat any more today, though. Started working on the yard and now my shoulder is killing me. It's probably the arthritis or the bursitis. Possibly tendonitis. Whatever "itis" it is, (notice the word play there), I would rather be holding a shuttle. (I have another Pop-A-Bobbin coming in the mail, too!)

    Instead, today I have been holding a chain saw. I hired a few friends to help me with some of it and I still have a ways to go, but at least now we have room for me to replace the old shed that was destroyed in the hurricane. There was a big pile of logs. Now it is gone.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Top Hat

    NO! Not the movie. It was a good one though. I finished the top hat. Here are 4 photos of it, one flat, then I put a glass under the form to try to shape it. I think I like this. I also have a close shot of the edge, if you can see anything in black thread. I did Catherine Wheel Joins to keep the edge even as I could.

    I still need to shape and starch lightly. I had discussed using Stiffy, or something like that, but I think a little Niagara spray will work fine.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

On The Form


Well, Mandatory guessed it. The object is a form for the top hat. Here are a couple photos of the hat mounted on the form. I have a couple of rounds to go on the brim.
    Since I have been modifying the pattern anyway, I am thinking on ending it this way:
    1. Make one round of chains around, one picot at the beginning of each and one in the middle.
    2. Make one more round of chains slightly longer, like onion rings, and do the Catherine join so I get a smooth outer edge. I think the chains might help stiffen the brim.

 Lastly I want to try to put a little curl to the sides for effect.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

What's This Thing?

    I've been at the 3D printer again. This time I have made - well - a cup. Sort of. Now, the question is, what is it for? Clue - tatting. (Of course) This will have a couple of uses probably. But what did I do it for primarily. It did take 11 hours to print. I started it and went to bed. When I got up it was almost done. It costs about 39 cents in plastic. But it is to a size I wanted. So far it works.
     I will show you what I am doing with it in a day or two.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tea Is For Tatting

    In my parcel, I also got some books, 6 of them. One is Tea is for Tatting by Martha Ess. You remember I am making the Top Hat for the Top Hat Tea House. I was also thinking of doing a framed collection of tatted "tea items", non-3D. I don't know if there is a word for that. Diorama is not right. I have a good vocabulary, I just cannot recall. Just getting old. Perhaps I could borrow BC3 from Jane!
    Terrible photo. I just now noticed the reflection from the lamp. And the lighting was bad anyway. The book does have a clear plastic cover to protect it. There is a lot in this book and of course, it is all beautiful work.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

More Toys

     It seems I am always the last to know about or get to anything. A few years ago, one of our engineers was expecting. I was in and out of her office a lot, but I didn't know until the week before she had her baby. I guess I am just not observant.
    This time I think I am just late for the party. I finally got a set of the new clover shuttles in. Thanks to Lisa at Tatting Corner for bearing with me. I placed the order and she happened to have just run out of the shuttles, so we had to wait for a new shipment from Japan. These things are going fast. I think everyone else had them before me. Now I do have them and I want to try them out. But, like the previous post said, I have too much going at the moment, so they will have to wait. With Carollyn's rabbit shuttle. It gets tried first.

    I got some books too. More on that later.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sidetracked Again!

    I really have a major problem with staying on task. I need to work on the carousel. I need to redo the star Jane Eborall created. (Mine was way too loose.) I REALLY need to get back to the TAT program and get it done. (Artisan level).
    Right now I am working on this. It will be a top hat. If you saw it on Craftree, then you already know. I was taken for lunch to a local tea house called Top Hat. I saw a crocheted doily on the wall in a frame and asked why no tatting? The lady that owns the place was interested. I decided she needed a tatted top hat. No, she does not know. Only my friend that took me there knows.
    This is a pattern I found on Craftree. I have made modifications to it. The original has the outer rounds and the "chimney" part all pulled out of shape, so I "adjusted" it by adding rings between the ones that are in the pattern. Now it looks better. At least to me it does. I have not shaped it much yet since I still have to manhandle it to tat it. I am making it in size 3 Lizbeth. It feels like rope and it is stiff and waxy.

    It is coming along. I think she will like it when I get it done.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rabbit Shuttle

    Isn't this just darling? Carollyn (MadTatter80) sent me a rabbit shuttle. It is just so cute and the way she packaged it is so inventive. It has text done with calligraphy and artwork. The little rabbit is inside in a nest of shavings. The pouch is sealed with a wire-stem flower. Just a wonderfully creative package all together.

    Now I have to see if I can tat with it. I have never used the flat shuttles before.

Friday, April 28, 2017

What a Day

    Well. This has been a productive Friday. I stayed home from work today because my car has been in the shop undergoing repairs from the accident a couple weeks ago. I had a rental, but it ran out yesterday. I am cheap enough to say I am not paying for this accident, so I returned the rental and went home on vacation time.
    Today I have cut grass and cleaned around the house. I have worked on a tatting project that I will post in a few days, hopefully, that I am doing for a local tea house. I got my car back and it looks great. Then I checked the mail and my package is there. Two of them. One I will post tomorrow.

    Look at what I have now. I ordered more shuttles and they arrived in bunches, 2 or three at a time.
Some arrived Wednesday. Some arrived Thursday. The rest arrived today. This is a nice collection of Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles. I have misplaced the package for the Ebony and Apple ones, but that is because they are in use. I love these shuttles!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pins and Shuttles

    The Pop-A Bobbin shuttles I have been using come with a pin in it and an extra pin in case you lose one. I got to wondering what would I do if I lost both. Then I looked at the 3D printer. I opened Rhino 3D. I drew a pin. I printed 2. They work! And they only take 10 minutes to make. I just keep finding things to print, and for the most part, they are useful.

Now, can I print a bobbin?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Purple Dragon

    I had some purple thread and wanted to make something with it, so I made another dragon. I am starting to like making these. They take maybe 3 hours and are not too hard to do. I think the purple came out nice. Tomorrow I am going to a guild event and will take these with me. I may make a couple while I am there. I'll bet the children there will like them.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hope This Helps

    I made one more batch of shuttles. These will go, as marked, to Spokane, Washington, today. They should arrive in a couple of days. I made about 200 for this batch. It did not take long.

I did, though, burn up my tool while smoothing edges. I use a Dremel tool with a flex extension to make it easier. I built a box from light pine, then added rubber glove sleeves and mounted the tool to the side with the flex attachment inside. Finally, I hinged a piece of clear Lexan for a top. I can grind away and keep the shrapnel inside the box. I think I must have tried to curve the flex tool too tightly. It melted the rubber covering and about a half dozen shuttles, then the cable inside snapped.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Carousel Ring Round 3

    Just another photo to keep me going. I got the third round of rings in the gold color done. Doing the rings over and over gets a bit repetitive so, to break the boredom of it, I also do other items. I always come back to it though. I think there are 2 more of these rounds to finish the bottom. Then I can start designing the support. You might notice the rings are more relaxed in this round. I did not have to beat them up. They are laying like they should. Now on to the next round.
    Today I think I will work on the TAT program. I need to get that done.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

More Shuttles

    I am making more shuttles to send to the Shuttlebirds. I thought I would try a new color of plastic this time. I really did not know how they would turn out. I think I really like the pink. It is not usually my favorite color (green is) but this really works well. I am going to make a rack of them for myself as well. I suppose I need to add some to the bag I did for the Palmetto Tatters also.

Friday, April 14, 2017


    I knew I should have just stayed home and tatted. I have the day off work and I decided to take a break from tatting. I am working on finishing the next round of the carousel doily. I headed to Walmart to pick up a few of the weekly staples. I usually go through a neighborhood so I can avoid traffic. I was coming up to the corner where I get back on the highway and someone in a mini-van turned in. I stopped, as they were swinging wide across the street. It did not matter. They stayed on my side and hit my car (the blue Prius).
    Yep, I should have just stayed home tatting. I have worked on it this afternoon though and should have it ready to post tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Minor Norwegian Dragon

    Someone on Craftree was having trouble with a pattern for a Minor Norwegian Dragon. I checked out the pattern and decided I wanted one, so here he is. A golden dragon. That is the name of the Chinese restaurant here. Maybe he is their mascot. Cute little fellow, though. Need to do the dimpled ring better. (I hate dimpled rings, in case you haven't heard.)

    Dues for the Palmetto Tatters is one butterfly a year. Would this "butterfly" count? (Just kidding.)

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Getting Ready Already

    If you have looked at much on this blog, you know I like to do 3D printing. Believe it or not, most of what I print is tatting related. In preparation for Tat Days in September I have been doing more of the "teaching" shuttles that I made for last year. I just spent about an hour and a half with a Dremel Tool cleaning them up. The printing leaves the bottom edge pretty rough, so I have to smooth it a bit.

   I think this may be a good start. If you want some, come to Tat Days and get them. I would love to meet and tat with you. I wish everyone could come, but some of you live just too far away and there is water in the way so you can't just drive. To be honest, I will probably never see where a lot of you live because the cost of flying is just out of my price range. Thankfully, we can tat and chat on here.

    Now on to the tatting I have to work on today. I think my fingers have quit vibrating from the grinding too. I have a couple of small things to finish. I will post those when I do.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Catch Up

    Yesterday was International Tatting Day. I did do some tatting yesterday, but I am not allowed to show it. I worked on my TAT program and got a bit of it done. Still more to do. I am working on the artisan phase. It is taking a while because I have a lot of other things I want to tat also.
    I am trying to catch up with UFO's today. That's UnFinished Objects. I caught up with 2 anyway.
I saw on Craftree someone had done a nice clover just before St. Patrick's day so I had to try one. The first attempt did not work out so well. This one is a bit better, but I think it could be improved if I paid a little more attention.

    I had started on a butterfly from Iris Niebach's book of butterflies. I do not like the body because it is a bauble and I have a time with baubles. I decided to go ahead and finish what I started, though.I suppose it looks OK. It could be a whole lot better. I think from now on I will make the body black so the gaps don't show as much.

I have a couple more things to work on today. I think I will sit on the deck out back and watch the dogs play while I tat.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Still Here

    Yes, I am still alive. Have not felt good lately, and when I did, 12 hour days at work. Not a lot of tatting.
     I am not good at baubles. They are fiddly and my big hands make it a bit hard to work them sometimes. Don't know why I get along with size 80 thread, but I do. Anyway, I have the Butterflies book by Iris Niebach. I made one, simple enough. Now I am tackling the first one in the book. It's coming along, but there is probably a better way I am not aware of. I have Randy and Gary Houtz's book on baubles and I read through it. I think I am doing it right.
    This butterfly, like most in the book, uses a bauble body. At least it has a straw in it to help hold the shape. While tatting it, I kept a steel crochet hook in the body. That helped a bit keeping it where I could see what I am doing and where I am. I should have this one done in a day or so. Yes, I know it would only take a few hours, but I am at work now and will be until 5.

    What I had intended to bring up was really not the butterfly so much as the shuttles. Since I got my Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles, I have been giving them a workout. Well, as much as I can with my schedule. You know how it is. I also bought a few Aerlit so I didn't have to change out so much. Now I remember one of my major problems with the "Aero" style. When I make a ring, I have to pull out thread. When I then need a chain, I have to rewind the thread. I usually do this by rolling the bobbin along my thumb. On the Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles, not a problem at all. On the Aerlit, I keep dislodging the bobbin. Not worth the trouble. I think I will drill them and insert small bolts to hold the bobbin in place. Or just order more Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles!

Monday, March 13, 2017


    I was just about through with the "attachment" round this morning when I noticed I was getting low on thread on the "ball thread" shuttle. Since this round is all chain, I did an SLT and continued, thinking I would have enough thread that way. I had started CTM so the thread is all the same color.
    I had about 5 chains to go and the thread came off the bobbin. I have been a fan of post shuttles mostly but I think I may be changing back. If you remember, I just got the Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles a couple of weeks ago and I have been working with them trying to adjust. This morning has pretty much sold me on them. And I mean the Pop-A Bobbin in particular.

    The left photo shows just how little thread is left. I think it is just enough to sew in the ends. I was able to use the shuttle to finish tatting though. With any other shuttle, I don't think i could have, but look at the right photo. What I did was pass the end of the thread through the little hole in the bobbin, then I trapped the end in the hole with the shuttle pin. It cannot come loose and I was able to use almost all the thread without finger tatting. What a lifesaver!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Round Redone

    It took a little longer than I thought, but I finally got the round finished. This is the round that I completely cut off. If you look at the photo, you can see that with the correct number of rings, the doily needs almost no blocking at all. It is laying well and the rings are not pulled. Now I am glad I took the old round off. That was horrible.

    Now to calculate the rings for the next round. I bet it will be more than 102.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Keeping A Promise

    When I was in Tampa last week, one of the women in the office saw a photo of some earrings by Marilee Rockley that I had made. I promised I would make her a set. These are already on the way to her. I think she will like them. Promise kept.
    Now back to the carousel.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Trip

    Well, glad that is over. I had to go to Tampa, Florida for a week on business. A 9 hour drive down, then almost 12 hour days and a 9 hour drive back. Very tiring. I was gone for 6 days. Hotels are not my friend. I took my carousel doily with me to try to get some of it done. I did not get much. I cannot tat on a bed. The chair in the room was not very good for it and the lighting was atrocious. I got off work close to 6 every day and the sun went down by 6:30 or so, so I could not even sit by the window and tat, like I had thought I would be able to do.

    At least the piece is behaving this time around. Since I did the math to figure the rings, it is laying much, much better. This photo is with no blocking at all and the round is going nicely around. It is flat instead of turned up and pulled. I should be able to get it done sooner now that the trip is over. I do have to do a set of earrings for someone, but that won't take long. I will post those when I get them done.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

TIAS 2 Sizes

    To try out the Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles I made another Crinoline Lady, as Jane called it. I call it a duchess, as the "hair" reminds me of the duchess headdress I have seen in fantasy movies.

    I did the second one in Lizbeth 689 Light Mint, size 80. Now I have the duchess and her child, the little duchess. I think they are headed to the ball.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Needles for tails

    I sew in tails when I am through making something, of course. I sometimes have to sew in short tails. That can be a trick in itself. To help make it easier I decided to look for a better needle. I found side loading "easy thread" needles. They do work well, and I can thread one in a second without struggle.
    After I found the needles, I needed a box to keep them in. I tried the little tin that has a sliding top, but it is not easy to choose a needle and then reach in and pick it up. The little magnet inside is not all that big. I remembered seeing a box at Wal-Mart the other day and thinking I would have no use for it. Now I find the use. I searched around and found out JoAnn Fabric is having a sale on that box, for $4.99 instead of $7.99. Almost half off. I bought a couple. Well, 4 of them. It has a magnetic sheet on the bottom of the box to hold needles.

The box is large and easy for me to sort, select and pick up the needle I need. I'm glad I found them.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Shuttles!

   OK! Now I am all excited! I just went to the mail box and found what I was waiting for. New shuttles. Pop-a-Bobbin shuttles. Jane is selling some, but I actually ordered these direct from Sally. She put them in the mail last Tuesday. They are here this Tuesday. Only 7 days across the pond and through customs? Amazing.
    Anyway, I had to try them out. The wood feels so good in the hand. I loaded some size 80. The hooks fit it well. One thing I really noticed was that these are the first silent tatting shuttles I have ever seen or used. I mean no clicks either from the tips as the thread passes through, or from the bobbin as in winds and unwinds. One thing I will do, though, is leave the little sleeve on the hook. I have a nasty habit of catching on everything. That is one of the reasons I don't usually use a bobbin shuttle. I can remove it to make a join, then put the cover back. Not a problem. I don't get in a hurry.
    I got one in apple and one in ebony. I like ebony. Very stable wood. That's why they make piano keys and oboes from it. I like the look of the grain in the apple and the color is just beautiful. Together they make a nice contrast for shuttle one and shuttle two.
    I am leaving Sunday morning for a week long business trip to Tampa, Florida. When I am not working, I know what I will be doing in the hotel room. Silently.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Sorry, only managed to get one bracelet done. This one is the first one I have completed, so I see a few minor things I need to address to make it look better. Still, it does not look too bad. I see I need to  adjust the tension and thread location on the side of the heart, get the proportions a bit more even, and work out how to get the tension right on the wrist band sections. I think the next one will have a magnetic clasp. It is just easier to use.
    I did this one with the beads that were given to us at Tat Days along with the pattern. However, the pearl in the center was not part of our package and I just thought it looked better than the other larger beads we were given. I know someone who wants this, so I will probably give it to her this week.
    And thanks to Muskaan for designing it.

Friday, February 17, 2017

New Old Projects

    I am working on the carousel, but now and then I have to do something else. This is one of those times.
   At Tat Days this year Muskaan was gracious enough to allow us to use her pattern "Bonds of Love Bracelet". This is a beautiful piece and it came in our goodie bags. I am just now starting to work it. I did two of the centers so far to see what colors I like. Guess what? I like them all!.
    I started with the green and gold. The red beads came with the pattern. There are a couple other things in the bag that I do not know what to do with, but they do not appear to be part of the bracelet as far as I can tell, so I set them aside.
    The second one is in Lizbeth 163, Blue Ice. I used a Swarovski crystal in the center and the rest are crystal silver lined Czech glass beads I found at Hobby Lobby. I think I really like this one. I have not seen the movie, but Frozen keeps coming to mind.

    I hope to finish these two this weekend. I have a friend who said his 11 year old daughter would just love the Blue Ice. I suppose I will give her that one.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Break and a Butterfly

    I have to take a break from the carousel. The rings are so bad that I decided to redo the last 2 rounds. I am going to cut off the brown round and get the ring count corrected. I may start that today. Hopefully, I will be able to tat today instead of installing another dishwasher. Haha.

    That said, I went to our meeting of the Palmetto Tatters Guild yesterday. We worked on a tatted tube to insert into a pen. We probably did more chatting than tatting.
    I got in a copy of Iris Niebach's book on butterflies and made this one. I took the book and passed it around. Someone said that one of the teachers scheduled for this year at Tat Days is going to teach one of the butterflies. That is something to look forward to.

    They did like my butterfly. Of course, I had reasons to start with this one from the book instead of one of the others. Mostly it is the simplest to get going with. Secondly, I saw it has clunies, so I got my loom out and went at it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What To Do

    I have tried to follow the pattern and photos shown in the book to make the floor of the carousel, but now I am pressed hard to make a choice. If you look at the last round I have done you will see it is not really laying very well. Sure, it is flat, but before I pinned and blocked it, it tried to cup severely. The rings are pulled , not round. The pattern is calling for increases in the counts of the rings of about 12 rings per round. I don't think 12 is going to increase it enough. I do not know how it was done originally, but I counted her photo and that is what she had done.
    If I continue, she says use 84 rings around. I have done a little math and measuring and I come up with 108 rings at this point. Perhaps I am missing something, but I have tried to be careful. It just isn't adding up. I think I will adjust and press on. Perhaps I should make some of the ride ornaments, like the swan or horse, to compare sizes so I get the floor the right size.

    Also, at the rate this is going, I don't think it will be ready this year. Not a problem there. It will be done when it is done. Things like this do make me want to stop though. Perhaps a break.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Not Tatting

    This morning I had planned on getting up, doing day 10 of Jane's TIAS, then spending at least the morning working on the carousel doily. This afternoon I wanted to work on my TAT program, which I have not done for a couple months. I really, really need to get it done and submitted.
    We all know the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. And they did. I haven't gotten to tatting at all, other than the TIAS, which is what I did with the morning coffee. Just as I finished the TIAS and sent it off to Jane, the wife puts dishes into the dishwasher and runs it. All over the floor.
Somehow, the machine is leaking.
    Now it is running fine again, but only because I checked out the machine and it somehow had a small hole in the side of the cabinet. That let it leak. A lot. I went to Lowe's and bought a new one and put it in. It is working fine now. Actually, we have needed a new one for some time, I was just waiting for something to mess up. Now it is 4:30 in the evening, the dishwasher is doing its first load and I think I will tat. At least until the Super Bowl starts.😉  (Hey, this thing does smilies!)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

First Brown Chain

    I bought a new scanner today. Then it occurred to me that it might be better to scan this than to photograph it with my phone. I like the way it makes it lay flat and eliminates the shadows.
    This is the first brown chain round. It separates the rounds of the rings. I have to calculate the locations of the picots in relation to the lock joins by figuring the count between rings and the number of rings I need. I am using AutoCAD to chart it out.
    I actually did this round twice. I had, for some stupid reason, cut the thread from the ball after winding the shuttle. Habit maybe? Then as soon as I did, I realized I needed the ball thread so I worked them back together. No, I did not make a knot. I try to do everything (almost) knot-less. Anyway, when I got around the first time, the number of tails just made a mess of it and I got a couple of really bad places in the thread. I thought about it and just cut the whole round back off. Then I wound the shuttles CTM and went to it again. Much better. At least this is a quick round, just a few hours to redo it.

    Next another round of the rings, just more of them. At this point the floor is at 7" (177mm) across. Yes, I can do the conversion in my head. I have been using both measurement systems for the last year and almost have the conversions memorized.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

More Done on Carousel Floor

    I would not think that it would take so long to make 120 rings, but it does. It took a week or so of tatting when i could. Remember I work about 11 hours a day, including lunch, so I have to get time when I can. I don't think it looks too bad. The bare threads were not nearly as bad as I thought they might be. I started out measuring, but soon got to where I could get pretty close eyeballing them.
    Now the first round of rings is done. Next is a round of nothing but chains around the tops of the rings. Catch is there are picots irregularly regularly spaced. It is irregular between the tops of the rings, but the picot to picot count is always the same. I bet I mess that up more than once.

Of course, I also want to do a couple other little projects along the way, but when I do those, I feel like I am slacking off of this project. I will just have to do them anyway!

Monday, January 23, 2017

A New Tatting Bag

    Saturday, when I got home from the Palmetto Tatters Guild meeting, there was a small package waiting for me on the kitchen table. I took a quick glance and saw a foreign stamp. I went on inside and put my things down, looked for glue to fix the umbrella handle that had decided to come loose in the rain, grabbed a cup of coffee, then remembered the package.
    Oh! That was the new tatting bag I had ordered from Jane Eborall. I opened it and found a really  well made product. This little bag is just the right size to carry a few balls of thread, scissors, crochet hook, etc. It is even lined. I looked at the seams and everything is so precise. There is a seam on the ends that meets another panel exactly in the center. Such precision. Is this the mark of a perfectionist?

    I think she still has some of these for sale on her Etsy shop. Not very expensive at all and she must live at the post office to ship so fast. You really should have a look.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ice Drops

I went to the meeting of the Palmetto Tatters in Lexington (Columbia) yesterday. We had a bit smaller crowd but still had fun. We did leave a little early because of bad weather, but that was fine. Before the meeting I finally got around to making an ice drop. I had not done them before. Not particularly difficult, but they do turn out nicely. I had a couple people ask me for the pattern. That actually belongs to Diane Cademartori. I did have it written out so I gave it to them. I have not found a written pattern anywhere, just the instructions she gives on her blog. Speaking of which, I thought I had added her blog to my list, but I missed it. It's there now!

I guess y'all know I like green. Someone asked me why. My answer? What's in your wallet.
(For those of you in a different country, money in the USA is referred to as greenback or long green. There is a commercial on TV that uses the wallet line for their punch line.)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Carousel

It has been figured out! Jmjtat figured it out on Craftree. I am going to try to make the carousel from the book by Ineke Kuiperij. I need to finish the "doily" so I know how big to make the substructure for the floor. The doily will be the floor. I plan to 3d print the parts I need to hold it together. Ineke used wood and a metal dart board frame. This will take a while though. I was trying not to say so if i got discouraged or it didn't work out, then I could duck and cover. Ha ha. Told you if anyone guessed, I would admit it. So now you know.

Does anyone know if anyone else has attempted this? I have not seen it anywhere.