Monday, December 11, 2017

The Wife Made Me Do It

    This pair is my wife Barbara's fault. I had just finished a pair of earrings in black thread with orange beads and she says "That's for Halloween. This is Christmas. Do them for Christmas."
I dug through my beads and thread. I know I have Christmas green. Then I spotted the red beads. This is what came out. I think it looks like a holly wreath. The camera does not do it justice. They really do sparkle.

    They have already been claimed by Kathy at work! I will post her photo wearing them in a day or two.
    And yes I know I am going nuts making these, but I like them and so do the ladies to whom I give them.


  1. Fabulous!!! :) Great Christmas earrings!! :)

  2. I can just imagine them sparkling. Must make myself some of these earwigs one day. It's a lovely design.

  3. Your wife is one smart lady! Gorgeous!