Saturday, September 16, 2017

One Week Later

    A week after Tat Days. It seems so long until we meet again. (Wow, that sounds like a song!) Actually, the Palmetto Tatters Guild meets today, but I cannot be there. However, I can post a few snaps I took at Tat Days.
    At the banquet was held a costume contest. I will tell you now, it was a hard vote. No, I won't tell who I voted for. I have no intention of insulting anyone, especially since they were all excellent. I only managed to get a few pictures, after the contest. I could not get everyone, but I will eventually get them because the photos the other guys took will have it. You can see we had fun with it.

Laurie (left) and Joanne (right) won the contest. Our theme was Tat-A Con. Well, here are the cons. Laurie even went so far as to tat a chain and connect it to a ball of thread. A ball and chain.

Martha wore the collar, if that is the right word, that you see in this photo. She is just beautiful in it. This piece won "Best of Show".
Wanda (left) decided to go steampunk. Since she roomed with Diane, I asked Diane if she had to grab two ends of the corset cord and put a foot in Wanda's belly to tighten it. 
Kayleigh is just a knockout in the princess costume. She is small anyway and the costume was adorable. She even tatted her crown.


  1. Great photos. I'm especially glad to see Martha in her collar, it's spectacular.

    1. I think the word is yoke. For some reason I could not think of that word. Would it be a yoke?

  2. Looks like fun! The yoke is outstanding!

  3. I always enjoy your posts! Glad you had a good time at Tat Days, and that the event was over before the storm arrived! I wonder if any damage was done to the area.

    It is amazing to see Martha's gorgeous finished yoke! I still can't believe she decided to tat it, and I never dreamed she would finish it so 'quickly'

    I noticed your post about winding your shuttle without having the Pop-A-Bobbin tool handy. Actually, you don't ever have to remove the bobbin at all (in most bobbin shuttles) to wind it. I shared my bobbin-winding method with Frivole a while ago, and she made a wonderful video of it (see below). The only thing I do differently is to simply make a slip knot over the bobbin while it is still in the shuttle. Then I can start rolling the shuttle to wind it. I also retract my thread this way when going to a chain after tatting a ring. I use the underside of a mouse pad for the 'friction'. I've been doing this since 1992!
    The 'retracting' of the thread for the chain very much speeds up the tatting, and helps prevent carpal tunnel!

    1. I think I heard that they did not get much. I saw the video about rolling the bobbin and now I rewind that way all the time. Got some thick shelf paper from Lowe's that works a treat. I think it was one of your comments that turned me onto that trick. The idea of using the needle threader was because I tat at my desk at work and just happened to find out it works. I usually wind the bobbins initially on a Simplicity Sidewinder. A lot faster for me.

    2. I've always wondered if one of those Sidewinders would work with the Aero bobbins!
      If I did a lot of tatting, I would definitely invest in one. The great thing about bobbin shuttles is that you can have threads already wound and ready to go. It's great that Sally's husband was able to incorporate the Aero/Aerlit bobbins into his excellent Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles! Also interesting that thick shelf paper works for 'rolling' the bobbin!

      Good to know there wasn't a lot of damage at Toccoa. We're still wondering about friends/relatives who live in Florida and Atlanta.