Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Southern Gentleman Gets Dressed

    One of the projects at Tat Days was a bow tie. Anita Barry designed and taught it. It is Dr. Who's red bow tie. Anita used a stitch in this that I had never heard of, much less tried. It is the half double double stitch. It does make the bow tie more substantial. The stitch is not hard to do at all, but you MUST drop the shuttle and let the thread untwist now and then or the stitch will not want to flip easily. Thanks for the lesson, Anita!
    I do not mind at all to try on things I make. I cannot do earrings because mine are not pierced. But this is made as a necklace. Personally, I think it looks quite dashing.

And for some reason, Colonel Sanders comes to mind.


  1. Forget the tatting - it's the gentleman wearing it that's the real star!!!!! What a handsome chap.

  2. FYI - they do make earring posts for those that do not have pierced ears. Nicely done tie. I can see one made in black for a black tie event as well.

    1. Well, honestly, I am not the type to wear them, even though, these days, some guys do. Call me traditional.
      I don't know what the wife would think of that either.

  3. You do look quite dashing with that red bow tie! Very nicely done. I'll get mine done eventually!

  4. Just the thing for the well dressed gentleman.