Monday, December 4, 2017

My GoTo Pattern

    I suppose we all have a "goto" pattern. This one is mine. I can carry it in a pocket and it takes only one shuttle. I am trying to develop a good way to do 2 shuttles with it. More on that if it works.
    I showed you the earrings I was making for a couple of friends at the hair palace. Now I need 2 more for the doctor's office. This is the first pair. I keep trying new bead combinations, especially for the center bead. I just have to put the wires on the second one and done!

    When I work this pattern, I like to be organized. I will make sure I have all my materials first. I found some boxes at Hobby Lobby that just fit the bill. I put a right and a left set of wires in the top right and left compartments, some seed beads I will need, the beads for the center go in the bottom right, and the shuttle can go where the seed beads are. Sometimes I will put the seed beads in the top middle. The separators in the box go all the way to the inside of the lid so the seed beads cannot spill over. One rubber band for security and away we go.


  1. Gosh, you are well organised!!!! I like that little box. I tend to use bags for travelling as they squish easily into my handbag!!!!

  2. Great pattern! I love hearing about others' go-to patterns!it always make me want to try them!

  3. Very nice looking, taking these out does bring lots of "how do you do that" attention 😍💟😍

  4. Oh, my. All this time I didn't realize there were 'left' and 'right' designated ear wires! It is fascinating to see other folks's tatting-to-go gear. I must confess that my setup has downsized over the years. It still gets unceremoniously dumped into the bag du jour. The earrings are stunning!

    1. OK, Erin. but at least it makes me see if I have two in the box. And it reminds me that the overlapping rings are to be opposites they are symmetrical.