Monday, September 18, 2017

Bass? No Treble!

    Erin Holloway-Moseley is so inventive. What a creative mind she has. She needed to create a bass violin (fiddle?) for someone so she came up with this. This is one of the patterns taught at Tat Days. I took the class and had a lot of fun.
    Now this pattern is in 2 parts. I asked her about doing it in one pass since, when I can, I prefer continuous tatting. Her response had to do with opening a can of worms. Now that I have it done (her way) I agree that it would really be difficult to do in one pass.

    By the way, this came out to be 4"3/4 long.


  1. That is such a great pattern we had in that class. As for trying to do it in one pass, the only way I see would involve making the lower pineapple point the same way as the top, and that would detract too much from the charm of the pattern.

  2. Some things you can't do! It's sweet, makes me think of bobbin lace for some reason.

  3. How do we get hold of the pattern Tim? It's gorgeous!!

    1. Well, you could maybe ask Erin for it. Her email listed on the Palmetto Tatters website is
      The Palmetto Will be selling the CD with all the patterns for Tat Days on it.

  4. looks like a lovely holiday ornament for a tree, I love it!