Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Horse of a Different Color

    This is the second horse for the carousel. I only have one side done. This thing has fought me all the way. I don't know why. The blue one was easy. This one - well, not easy at all. I think I started the saddle 6 times. I kept messing up. Then I would work along adding the white part and something would go wrong. Several times I had to un-tat to fix problems. It took me a while, but I finally got it. Maybe it's the meds I am taking for the sciatica. That would be my best guess. I hope the second side is not a fight. I am tired of fighting something that I should be enjoying.

    One of the problems I had that was easy to fix was that I forgot to make a join. I made a picot there instead. Then I tatted a few more rings and chains. Nope. I'm not gonna undo all that just for a join. So I did it the old fashioned way. I tied it and hid the ends. Unless you really look for it, you won't see it.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Repairs to the 3D Printer

    I got my package today. I had to order a new cable and bed heater board for the 3D printer. The board was $63 and the $12. Shipping was $14 making the total $89. Still a lot cheaper than buying a new printer. This one was $999 plus tax and shipping. No, wait. I think the shipping was free. The printer is a Flashforge Creator Pro. I think you can get it now for $799.
    Anyway, I got the box and spent an hour installing the new board and cable. Then I put the machine back together and turned it on. Nothing. It did not start, nothing showed on the screen. OK, all I did was swap a couple of parts, nothing major. It was starting properly before. It just would not heat. I opened it up again and checked one of the connections. I think I had it on wrong. I pulled the plug, put it back and hit the on switch. Success!! It came right up. I closed everything up and Started the preheat on the bed. It started working properly immediately.
    In the photos, you can see what happened. The cable plugs at the heater board got fried for some reason. I have no idea why. One of the connections even had the solder melted off. Must have been too hot.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Horse Is A Horse

    I finally got this one done. The first horse for the carousel. This one has a blue saddle but the next one will have a red saddle. Just having one horse gives me sense of the scale of the carousel. For instance, I can use it to judge how big the floor has to be. In the book she calls for 4 horses and a few other items, like the swan seat. I still say this will take a while.
    Let me say that this is not something for beginners to try. The horse uses several techniques that are a bit advanced for many. I am not saying it could not be done, but it does get a bit complicated. I find that it is easy to get lost. I had to un-tat several times after interpreting the instructions incorrectly. For the horse you would use rings, chains, split rings, split chains, self closing mock rings, thrown off rings, joining on the second side of split rings, joining several pieces together, using a picot gage. That is quite the combination of techniques. Most were not called out directly, you just have to know what to use and when. To top it off, it is done in size 80 thread. Not really that bad, but sometimes 80 can be hard to see and work with all these techniques.
    I have not stiffened this in any way (yet) so it does need a little shaping. Not a lot though. But for instance, the bump on the head is ears. They need shaping. I will do that later.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Another Minor Experiment

    Gee, when you are off sick, you can find time to blog. Isn't that great? But I still hurt and now I'm getting a cold to boot. Oh well.
    As I sat here today wallowing in self pity I needed to wind shuttles CTM (continuous thread method). Winding the first shuttle is easy. I just put the thread thru the hole in the bobbin, wind a few turns, then let my sidewinder take over. Now I need to wind the second shuttle. Problem: I have to cut the thread off the ball to do this. How much thread do I need? I thought I had seen something on this online so I did a search. I found one report on Bella from Georgia Seitz, but not exactly what I needed.
    The solution is obvious, so I took the same size thread,  put it on the sidewinder, let it wind, then I measured how much I unwound. The result is the chart I am putting under Experiments on the right side of the web page. So far, I have listed the six sizes I use with Aero bobbins. This is for my Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles, of course, but should be good for any that use this bobbin.

    The photo shows how much i am putting on the bobbin. I don't want to overfill. The measurements I am listing are approximate. I marked off 36 inches (914mm) and just pulled it off and held it against it. I am probably off a few inches, but this works out close enough.
    I will update this to accommodate other shuttles in the future. I do have the Clover bobbin shuttles so I will try those. I will also wind the std size Clover and the larger size Clover, the SewMate, and others that I have in my collection. I do not think I will do the Tatsy. That thing would mean unwinding balls of thread.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas To Everyone

    Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a great day today with friends and family. We are going to try despite a few illnesses. I try to look at the good, not dwell on the bad.
    By now you probably know I am hurting from sciatica. I have a doctor appointment scheduled for Thursday. Meanwhile, I am going to try to make the most of it. Since I am off work for a while, I am back on the carousel.
    The picture here is the beginnings of the horse. Figuring how to do it is a challenge. I started making the horse, then realized that the saddle is in one major finished piece. It will be easiest to make the saddle first, then attach the horse as I go.
    The blue part is the saddle center. After trying a few other ways, I have come to the conclusion that it would be easiest to make it in several parts instead of trying to do it in one piece. This much is 3 separate pieces. Now that I have that, I can put the rest of it around it as 3 rounds.

    I also have a new item on my 3D printing page. I wanted a stand for my phone. Now I have it.   

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Last Waves

    Well, this is a fine kettle of fish. I will be home for a while now. No, I did not lose my job, just my ability to walk normally. I have been caring for the wife for several months because she has been incapacitated with sciatica. That progressed through a few things and she is getting better, though the sciatica is not gone. I went to work last Tuesday morning and my back was hurting. I figured that I had pushed too hard at yard work and since I have a stand-up desk, that I would raise it and work out the back. By noon I realized that now I was suffering from sciatica too! I told her I caught if from her. Of course, that is absurd, but we had a laugh in our misery. My doctors appointment is Dec. 28. This is going to take a few weeks.
    Meanwhile, since now I am laid up, I get bored. So what do I do? Catch up on my tatting. I have one more set of wave earrings to do for the ladies at the mill, so now I have them done. Below you see the pair in blue. This pair is made with a chrome silver bead in the center and silver lined glass crystal seed beads. I am going to drop them off and let the 2 ladies sort out for themselves who gets what.

I think this is the last pair I need to make for a while. I like making these but there are other things I need or want to move on to doing.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Wife Made Me Do It

    This pair is my wife Barbara's fault. I had just finished a pair of earrings in black thread with orange beads and she says "That's for Halloween. This is Christmas. Do them for Christmas."
I dug through my beads and thread. I know I have Christmas green. Then I spotted the red beads. This is what came out. I think it looks like a holly wreath. The camera does not do it justice. They really do sparkle.

    They have already been claimed by Kathy at work! I will post her photo wearing them in a day or two.
    And yes I know I am going nuts making these, but I like them and so do the ladies to whom I give them.