Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Mystery Tat-Along Doily

    I finished the doily from the Craftree tat-along. I was able to do it continuously into round 9. Halfway through round 9 I ran out of thread, so I had one time I had to cut and tie. Luckily round 9 is the last one and it only required a ball thread so I worked off the spool. It did not take long to do that round. I think it looks pretty good. It is about 7 inches across (17.78cm). I don't know how big it would be in size 20.
    No, I am not over Sandy. It is starting to ease up a bit, though, since going back to work. It helps to keep my mind off it.
    We did get a nice little headstone. I think it says it all.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Please Excuse My Tears

    Please excuse my tears. I cannot see very well right now so if I type something wrong, I cannot help it. I have lost my best friend.
    You have all seen my avatar, the little dog. That is Sandy. I found her one morning running in the middle of the road. I picked her up and took her home, then went to work. That evening the wife and I canvassed the neighborhood to see who lost her, but no one knew anything about her for blocks around. One lady, across from where I found her, said that people drop animals around there because across the street is a swamp. I kept her. Sweetest little dog I ever had.
    At her last visit to the vet in August I was told she had an enlarged heart and that it was so big her lungs could not get enough air. We put her on medications. The prognosis was 6 months to a year. 
    When I got home today, I got down with her and petted her and talked to her, then went into my office for a few minutes. She came in and I got down with her again for a bit. She got up and went to the living room, then crawled into her bed. She had waited for me to get home from work to say goodbye.
    She died today at 6 1/2 years old. Too young. Pardon me, I need a handkerchief.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Well, The Colors Are Different

    If you look at Craftree you will find that I am working on a doily that was the 2015 Mystery Tat-Along. I want to show you this now because of the thread color. I am tatting this in King Tut, #941, Old Giza. I was not sure how it would come out, but the colors are interesting, to say the least. It is a very busy blend. Since King Tut is a quilting thread, I can see where this would have applications quilting over some busy print fabrics. In this photo I am about 2/3 the way finished and the doily is about 3"3/4 across.

    The challenge I set for myself for this one is to do it in continuous tatting. So far, so good.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

I Couldn't Resist

    A couple of posts ago you saw that finally my back yard mess is gone. Nothing left that I didn't want. Well, almost. Anyway, the bare lands between my back neighbor and me finally got to me. I had to do it. I shouldn't have, maybe, kind of, but I did. I had a new shed built. And this one is bigger.

    I have, for a long time, wanted a workshop. A place to store and organized my tools and equipment, and a place where I can work on things. For instance, I really need to sharpen the mower blades. I just don't have a convenient place to do it. Now I will. The shed is up and done.
    Next, I have build steps. That should not take long, maybe tomorrow. Then I can move what is just thrown into the other storage shed into this one. The other one mostly has the wife's stuff in it. I have to go around her stuff to get to mine.
Once I get that done, it will be time to run electricity, then insulate, then build workbenches, storage cabinets, etc. It will take some time, but worth it in the long run.
    I am seriously considering making a smaller room inside for my recliner and my tatting. We shall see.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

One More Hat

    Yes, I have been wearing my hat. It is getting more like winter now. Not too bad, about 50F daytime, but the last couple mornings have been just below freezing. Now I am glad I made the hat.
    One of the fellows I work with saw my hat. I had made him one a few years ago, but a different style. It had no cables and was just ribbed all the way up. He asked if I could make him one like this, so I did. This one is made in Caron yarn. It is a pretty soft yarn. He likes it.
    I did ask him where the other hat is. He said his mother liked it so well she took it and that's why he needed another!
    Now, back to tatting.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

My Hat

    I have a favorite TV show. It is a British comedy by the title "Last of the Summer Wine. It is about 3 older men, retired, no wife any longer for whatever reason, and their second childhood antics. I think is it the best comedy I have ever seen. (I know others have their own opinion.) There is one character they call Compo. In the show he wears a knit cap. I checked around online and found a pretty close pattern. This one is my first try. I do have a few mistakes, but if it gets cold, I don't think I will care.
    At least it is in my favorite color - green.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Finally! No More Mess!

    This one is not about tatting. You may remember that 2 years ago Hurricane Matthew decided to pay a visit to this area. The wind was not so bad, about 75-80 miles per hour at the most. The bad part was it dumped 14"+ rain. What happened then was trees could not hold on because the ground was so wet. They may as well be planted in sand. Combined with the wind, the rain made it so they just fell over. The worst one for me was an oak in the back yard. It was 75-100 feet high and 40" thick. It has taken me 2 years to get it cleaned up, but finally it is done. Here are just a few pictures of the progression. The dumpster holds 20 cubic yards of material. I loaded 3 of them.

    It took so long because I am not longer the perfect physical specimen I used to be. (Yeah. Right.) One thing for sure. Getting old sucks. Now if I can just get some grass planted next spring.