Tuesday, November 13, 2018

My Hat

    I have a favorite TV show. It is a British comedy by the title "Last of the Summer Wine. It is about 3 older men, retired, no wife any longer for whatever reason, and their second childhood antics. I think is it the best comedy I have ever seen. (I know others have their own opinion.) There is one character they call Compo. In the show he wears a knit cap. I checked around online and found a pretty close pattern. This one is my first try. I do have a few mistakes, but if it gets cold, I don't think I will care.
    At least it is in my favorite color - green.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Finally! No More Mess!

    This one is not about tatting. You may remember that 2 years ago Hurricane Matthew decided to pay a visit to this area. The wind was not so bad, about 75-80 miles per hour at the most. The bad part was it dumped 14"+ rain. What happened then was trees could not hold on because the ground was so wet. They may as well be planted in sand. Combined with the wind, the rain made it so they just fell over. The worst one for me was an oak in the back yard. It was 75-100 feet high and 40" thick. It has taken me 2 years to get it cleaned up, but finally it is done. Here are just a few pictures of the progression. The dumpster holds 20 cubic yards of material. I loaded 3 of them.

    It took so long because I am not longer the perfect physical specimen I used to be. (Yeah. Right.) One thing for sure. Getting old sucks. Now if I can just get some grass planted next spring.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Finished With a Christmas Present

    Once again, it's been a while. Just getting busy with life. The wife is not feeling well so I have been trying to take care of her, as I can. I am still working too much and playing - well, not enough. But such is the way of the world.
    On a positive note, I finally have finished a Christmas present. This one is Renulek's Spring Napkin 2018. This has really been an interesting tat. Mostly I have had to do it at work, no, not on company time, but I usually arrive about an hour ahead and have coffee and quiet. I also take lunch in my office so I eat, then tat. I started this one in February. Between everything else, I finally got it done yesterday.
    I did the first several rounds as continuous tatting, but eventually the pattern got a bit complicated so I had to start individual rounds. On the last round are 48 "points". I used the method I have in my Experiments page for doubled rings. I think it looks better that way. In this photo I have not blocked it yet. I have washed it with Orvus though. It is tatted with Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles using DMC100 and measures about 13" across. I wonder what it would be in size 20?

    This doily will go to my niece for Christmas.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Splitting the Self Closing Mock RIng

    Sometimes things just turn out easy. Not often enough, for sure. I am working on a design and got to a place that I needed to throw a ring from a ring. The easy answer is the SCMR (Self Closing Mock Ring.) The problem was, I also needed to exit from a location other than where I started, which usually means a split ring. So, can I combine the two?

    I searched online for this to see if I could do it. Better than having to undo a bunch of stitches, right? All I could find was how to make an SCMR. No mention of splitting at all. That did it. Now I have to try. And it was SOOOO easy. I posted the video in the experiments page I have here. All it really entails is make the scmr as usual for the first side, so I needed to do (5 TR 5-5/5). I made the first part then closed the scmr. This pulls the loop out of the way. Now just pull the core thread back a little, RW and make a split chain using Marie Smith's method. Not a problem in the world now. On with the rest of the design.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag.

     A couple of years ago I won a wonderful tatting bag at Tat Days. I have carried it to work and everywhere else for the last couple of years and I need to wash it. I decided to get another one instead. Ok, I am going to wash the older one. I will probably use them both. But you have to see the new one. The material is just beautiful.

     The bag is from a material that has an autumn feel to it. The leaves look great on the yellow background. I always did like earth tones. Inside it is double lined in yellow. Wow, I can see what is there now, it is so light and bright. The bottom has a CD sewn in for a stable, flat bottom. The cord goes through metal grommets. This bag is just so well made.
    Now, if you want one of these, first of all, they do not cost what a Dooney and Burke purse costs. (Wife has those.) These are only $22. You can get them from DS9 Designs, by Debbie Arnold. I ordered mine on  Wednesday morning and it was in the mail on Friday so she does really fast shipping. I think the shipping is a flat rate, about $7.99. She does make beautiful bags.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

A Smaller Teapot

    Challenge met. I used that center to make the smaller teapot. It actually went quite well. I wanted brown tea, white steam and a silver pot and that is how it came out. Tatting with the King Tut thread is no harder than tatting with larger sizes except if you have to undo a knot. Then I will sometimes use a magnifier to help me see how it is twisted. Doing the actual tatting is the same motion and feel though.
    I did a second photo so you can see the size difference in the outcome of how much smaller the King Tut tats up.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

A Challenge

    So, now for a challenge. I like challenges. They keep you sharp and test you in ability, patience, tenacity and other ways. This one is going to be a little bit of a challenge. If you look at the photo it should be familiar. If not, scroll down a couple of posts. This will be another broomstick teapot. I had an idea at Tat Days. Since I did the little turtle in Kin Tut thread, why not the teapot? So now I have the center done. Like the colors? There is brown tea and white-ish steam in the pot. My pot (the rest of the pattern) will be silver, of course. I like silver. I even have some sterling shuttles. I don't think the rest will be as much challenge as the center, though. Those long picots are always in the way!

Now, on another note, a few weeks ago, Jane Eborall tatted a(n?) opossum. (The o is silent so I am not sure if it is a or an.) She said something about not having seen one and I replied I had hit one that ran out in front of me. This morning, another one tried to commit suicide. I was able to stop in time so I did not hit it. You can see that in this 5 second video clip from my dash cam.