Friday, January 10, 2020

Sugar and Spice

    I have not been tatting much this week. My shoulder has been killing me. I have had a hard time sleeping. I looked online at possible causes and the one that makes the most sense is an injury to a muscle or ligament. I put the shuttles down and let it rest. The pain has not gone, but it has lessened enough for me to sleep. Tatting seems to irritate it, sort of like repetitive stress syndrome.
    So, this morning I decided that I have been working getting my house cleaned out and such just way too much. I did something different. Have you heard of a website called ""? It turns out they are only about 160 miles from me. I left at 6:30.

    I went in with a list of what I wanted and they had it! They had it all listed online but I did not want to trust it to Fed-Ex. I arrived about 9:30 and left for home about 10:15. I got back at 1:00. I almost ran out of gas, but when I filled up, it turns out I had enough in the tank to go another 100 miles. (I love my Prius).
    So now have filled in and have a full service for 8. I needed the things in the picture, a few plates and a couple of bowls. I inherited the set from an aunt that died 35 years ago. It is Johann Haviland, Blue Garland. Not cheap, but worth it.
    Tomorrow I will be gone all day again. I will be tatting. We have a meeting of the Palmetto Tatters Guild. I can't wait!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

A New Year's Resolution?

    I resolve to - finish this doily. And block a few others that need it. Ok, ok. I know that is pretty lame, but I can keep those resolutions. I really don't get into the resolution thing. I usually just do what has to be done.
   So. I have started round 8 of 10. I am dreading round 9. There are motifs all around that are done individually, which means tails.
    You may notice that I like to do continuous tatting when possible. If you look at where I started this round, I started with a chain. I did the split chain to come out of round 7, but usually I am on a ring. Not this time. At least it was not difficult. I just don't remember ever doing that.
    Some have asked how big this is. After round 7 I show 5", unblocked. It will probably be about 8 inches, best guess. When I am done I will measure it and we will see just how small King Tut thread makes it. I would bet it would be twice that in size 20.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas

    It is December 25, 2019. Merry Christmas. I hope you and yours are happy, healthy and enjoying the time together.
    I have been tatting more of the doily and thought I would post an update. I am now on round 7. Last post I was going to take the doily to the Palmetto Tatters Guild meeting and so I did. I am glad I was on the round I was on because, don't you just know, I left the pattern at home. Fortunately it was a pretty simple round and easy to memorize. So is round 7, but round 8 will be a bit more complicated.

I am making good headway on this. I have been tatting while watching the TV. Once in a while that causes me to have to untat something because I don't pay attention. It is not so bad, though, once you get used to the King Tut thread size. It is tiny, but works exactly the same as size 20.
     Now perhaps a little wassail...

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Making Progress

    I have been busy lately, cleaning out the house and getting paperwork done, but I have made some progress on the doily. I am into round 5 on this one now. There are 10 rounds. Does this mean I am half done? NOOOO! Remember, the rounds get longer as you go further from the center.Half way is probably something like round 7.

    This one is a little challenge so far, not difficult, but you do need to pay attention. For instance, in round 4, the chains constantly change. There are not 2 in a row that are the same. Round 5 is a bit more forgiving. Only one real chain count and 2 differing rings.
    I will be taking this one to the Palmetto Tatters Guild meeting this Saturday. I have missed the last year's meetings so I am really excited to be able to get to one.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Another Stawasz Doily

    It has been a month since I posted here. It has not been a good month. Most of you probably heard my wife passed away on November 24th. It has been rough and lonely without her.
    To help with some of that I decided I needed a tatting project. Something that will last a while because now I have a lot more time to myself. The one I chose was the first doily in Jan Stawasz's book Tatted Treasures. (The red cover one.) I am on round 3 of that doily. You can see about how big it is compared to my shuttles.. Of course, I am using King Tut thread in a variegated color from ecru to a tan. It will look good on my coffee table when I am through.

    Tatting seems to take most of my concentration and relaxes me. Once again, I put a train video on the TV and let it play. I have cleaned and rearranged so I have a pretty nice place to tat. And tea. I do make hot tea. Soothing.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I'm Gonna Tat Today

    I'm gonna tat today. I swear I'm gonna tat. I need the break. Lately I have been busy outdoors and I am tired. It is yard trash pickup today so I have something for them. I just put out the last 8 bags this morning. They can have it.
    I have 32 bags of leaves from the back yard. My front yard is not so bad by far, but parts of my back yard are just full. I have trees everywhere. Remember? They like to fall and cause me expense. And now I have to pick up after them. Yeah, it looks better. I like it, but it is a lot of work.

    Well, I'm gonna tat. I have some things to get done and I want to do the tatting, not the raking. That rake is making my arthritis in my thumbs hurt too. That makes it harder to hold the shuttle. I don't care. I'm gonna tat. Then I can post tatting instead of leaves. Gimme my shuttle!

    Oh,  by the way. I gave my buddy next door the hat. He loved it!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Hat Done

    Now I have the knitting done. My hat is finished. I am not sure if I will keep it or give it to the guy next door. I do have a couple of mistakes in it, but they are not obvious so I let them go.

    To me knitting can be boring, so I like to watch videos while I do it. I can knit by feel pretty well so I don't have to watch it all the time. I cannot say that about crochet. I have to watch crochet. I can tat by feel also.
    Anyway, I found some really nice videos to watch on YouTube. They are train rides from the view of the engineer. There is no sound but the sound of the train on the tracks, but some of the scenery - WOW! So far my favorite has been a train across Montenegro. It is a 3 1/2 hour video. They sure have a lot of tunnels. So I  ride the train and count stitches. You may not like it but I do. Now I would like to visit there.