Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Horse Is A Horse

    I finally got this one done. The first horse for the carousel. This one has a blue saddle but the next one will have a red saddle. Just having one horse gives me sense of the scale of the carousel. For instance, I can use it to judge how big the floor has to be. In the book she calls for 4 horses and a few other items, like the swan seat. I still say this will take a while.
    Let me say that this is not something for beginners to try. The horse uses several techniques that are a bit advanced for many. I am not saying it could not be done, but it does get a bit complicated. I find that it is easy to get lost. I had to un-tat several times after interpreting the instructions incorrectly. For the horse you would use rings, chains, split rings, split chains, self closing mock rings, thrown off rings, joining on the second side of split rings, joining several pieces together, using a picot gage. That is quite the combination of techniques. Most were not called out directly, you just have to know what to use and when. To top it off, it is done in size 80 thread. Not really that bad, but sometimes 80 can be hard to see and work with all these techniques.
    I have not stiffened this in any way (yet) so it does need a little shaping. Not a lot though. But for instance, the bump on the head is ears. They need shaping. I will do that later.


  1. Whoa, that's a lot of techniques in one small horse. The only thing that would make that any harder would be to do it in black thread. I love carousels and can't wait to see it take shape.

  2. Well, you've used all those techniques to marvelous effect, your carousel horse is a work of art!

  3. A beautiful horse, the carousel will be beautiful with him when finished

  4. I was alerted to this post by my friend Denise. I sure am glad she told me about it! I love your horse, and I look forward to seeing how your carousel progresses.

    I'm close to giving up on my blog feeder. I keep adding my favorite blogs, and they just seem to disappear from the blog feed. Being a creature of habit, I assume blog posts have not been made if they don't show up in my feed. Technology is a blessing and a curse!

    1. Thanks, Diane. I would like to have the carousel done for Tat Days. It all depends on time, interest, distractions and things like that. I do check your blog now and then. Sometimes I comment, sometimes not. I have just a few in the blog feed and a page of text for other blogs that I go to now and then. Of course, not being a feed, there may or may not have been updates.