3D Printing

I like to make things with my 3D printer. I made shuttles and cluny looms for Tat Days 2016.

The shuttle pattern is one I found on Thingiverse for a 3" shuttle. I reduced it to just under 2" and can print 24 at a time. I gave away about 500 of them at Tat Days. I will probably make 1000 for next year. They seemed to go fast. The shuttles are not sturdy like a clover. They are thin and flimsy. I call them teaching shuttles. My intent was to use them as give-aways for beginners. They do work. but they are rough. I cleaned them up a bit, but not perfectly, like a clover. Several people liked working with them, though. I use a few at home now and then. These are just finished printing.

The cluny loom I do is an original design. I saw the one that Richard Seitz makes from wood. Then I opened my 3D software and started working on a design of my own. I came up with the one shown here. I have 10 holes because that is what fits. I usually supply 10 pins. If you drop a couple, you still have enough. You normally only use 4.

To thread this loom, come off the pinch to the left, around 3 pins and back to the pinch, under the finger. Now go to the last pin and back under the finger, then to the center pin of the group of 3 on the left. Wrap around this pin to tie off the loom. Once the pin gets a little looser from wear, you can raise it and trap the thread under it instead of wrapping it.

I ran out of orange while printing a new loom. I checked and found out that all I have to do is go to pause on the printer, then the printer homes the head and table. Once homed, it locks them into position. Now unload the color I am out of, in this case orange. Then load the next spool of filament. I loaded green. I clicked resume and it went right back to work and finished the loom, no problem. Nice to know!

I wanted a stand for my phone. As I am working, a text comes in or email arrives. I also wanted it to be able to let the phone charge. I went looking on Thingiverse and found this. Now the bad thing was that after I printed the second one, my bed heater quit. I had to order a new one. Total cost is about $90. If that is all then that is not too bad. And it is simple to replace. I should be back in business in about a week, after it arrives. This really works a treat.


  1. You might like this - 3D printing is cool!


  2. I like the idea if your loom! I have a popsicle stick loom my father in law made for me so my hand won't cramp up while Tatting cluny lace. But, Bewkes to say, I don't care for that one very well because my hand cramps up holding the handle.Would there be any possible way for me to "acquire" one of your looms on this side of the State's? I'm a member of The Spokane Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild.