Saturday, September 22, 2018

A Smaller Teapot

    Challenge met. I used that center to make the smaller teapot. It actually went quite well. I wanted brown tea, white steam and a silver pot and that is how it came out. Tatting with the King Tut thread is no harder than tatting with larger sizes except if you have to undo a knot. Then I will sometimes use a magnifier to help me see how it is twisted. Doing the actual tatting is the same motion and feel though.
    I did a second photo so you can see the size difference in the outcome of how much smaller the King Tut tats up.


  1. Wonderful Tim, and I agree about the thread in fact I feel you rarely have to add thread and it is easier on my hands the larger threads are harder to tighten too. 😀

  2. Wow, yes, you need the second photo to appreciate how small your king tut teapot is. Splendid! Would be good on a card or something like that.

  3. LOVE your visualization and execution of the little one!!
    Now do we have one for Papa Bear ;-P

  4. I love it! King Tut is wonderful for tatting! I agree... the only problem I ever have is if I make a mistake and have to take it out. Even then, that's easier to do with King Tut than with many other threads.