Sunday, October 20, 2019

A Ride to Tat Days

    I told Jane Eborall that the car she designed could take her to Tat Days next year. Well, I don't know about crossing the pond. The sea bottom is probably too rough unless you have 4 wheel drive.  I like her car design, though. I have done a couple of them already. Cute and quick to make.
    If she can get to South Carolina, then I have one for her to drive to Tat Days. Remember, it's her car. But "painted" in USC colors.

    I do need to add doors and windows. I may try that. Does anyone else think this reminds them of cartoon cars from many years ago?


  1. I thought about doors and windows, Tim. If you can find a way then I’ll add it to the pattern. Go on, there’s a challenge for you!!!!

  2. Expecting a cartoon character to emerge!

  3. Ah! Maybe someone should design Fred Flintstone's car!

  4. Oh Tim this car reminds me of an American Cadillac, clever isn't it?

    1. Actually, Buick comes to my mind, but we all see what we want.