Monday, January 2, 2017

The New Project

    Remember the balls of thread I bought? Well, I can't resist any more. I have to start playing with them. I have the first 2 rounds done, not that much really, and I have the third started. I will be working on it today. (Instead of working on the TAT program, hehe.)
    What is it? Well, I don't want to give it away just yet. Perhaps you already know. I will say that there is a diagram and a photo and that they do not match. I will follow the photo. The diagram has enough information to let me get the stitch count anyway.
    See the experiment for double rings? I suppose that is as good a name as any, unless someone knows the "proper" term. This is what the experiment was for. It's working pretty well so far.
    I will work more on this today and post more on it as I go. It will not be fast. I am using 2 shuttles and the thread is size 80 Lizbeth. Black is hard to see. I am glad that there is not really a lot of black, though this part has about 9 rounds. The original pattern calls for DMC and Anchor but I could not find the colors in DMC that were listed, so I did a compare as best as I could and substituted. I hope that size 80 DMC and size 80 Lizbeth are pretty close to the same, though, as long as I stay with one or the other, I should be ok.

This project is definitely going to take a while.


  1. It looks similar at this stage to one I did from the Teiko book, but the centre is different. I look forward to watching your progress.

  2. That is an absolutely stunning start!!! :)

  3. Looks great so far, I did the Teiko one too and it's similar.

  4. Looking good so far! I'm glad you didn't let thread choice slow you down. Personally, size 80 is just too fine for me to work with long term. I much prefer 40, or even 20, although size 10 is too bulky for my hands as I age. Keep working on the TAT patterns. Some were a struggle for me, but it really did improve my tatting and the accomplishment seems to carry weight with non-tatters.

    1. Well, thread is thread. I don't care for 10 because it feels like rope. I don't mind 20 or thinner though. Lately I have been playing with Sulky and that is about a size 60. If I know how to tat it doesn't seem to matter, the stitch is the same. What is difficult right now is black. It is just hard to see.