Monday, January 23, 2017

A New Tatting Bag

    Saturday, when I got home from the Palmetto Tatters Guild meeting, there was a small package waiting for me on the kitchen table. I took a quick glance and saw a foreign stamp. I went on inside and put my things down, looked for glue to fix the umbrella handle that had decided to come loose in the rain, grabbed a cup of coffee, then remembered the package.
    Oh! That was the new tatting bag I had ordered from Jane Eborall. I opened it and found a really  well made product. This little bag is just the right size to carry a few balls of thread, scissors, crochet hook, etc. It is even lined. I looked at the seams and everything is so precise. There is a seam on the ends that meets another panel exactly in the center. Such precision. Is this the mark of a perfectionist?

    I think she still has some of these for sale on her Etsy shop. Not very expensive at all and she must live at the post office to ship so fast. You really should have a look.