Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ice Drops

I went to the meeting of the Palmetto Tatters in Lexington (Columbia) yesterday. We had a bit smaller crowd but still had fun. We did leave a little early because of bad weather, but that was fine. Before the meeting I finally got around to making an ice drop. I had not done them before. Not particularly difficult, but they do turn out nicely. I had a couple people ask me for the pattern. That actually belongs to Diane Cademartori. I did have it written out so I gave it to them. I have not found a written pattern anywhere, just the instructions she gives on her blog. Speaking of which, I thought I had added her blog to my list, but I missed it. It's there now!

I guess y'all know I like green. Someone asked me why. My answer? What's in your wallet.
(For those of you in a different country, money in the USA is referred to as greenback or long green. There is a commercial on TV that uses the wallet line for their punch line.)


  1. I hope all my friends in the Palmetto Tatters are well. Love that green ice drop.

  2. Lovely green ice drop, interesting to find out what money is called in the US I take it dollars are green in colour?

    1. Yes they are. Most other countries have much more colorful money. I thin the back is actually darker. The mint is slowly adding some color and changing the design.

  3. Green, nice with the white, beautiful ice drop more like an emerald 🌟💟🌟