Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Better Round

    I think I got it figured out. This is what I think it should be from description, photo, translation adjustment and so on. The next few rounds will take a while. There are 60 and 60 rings on this one and there are about 5 rounds like this one with chain between them. The last round is 130 rings so it increases, of course. I will post when I finish this one to see how it looks. I am guessing at the length of the bare thread because no numbers are given for it. It is not really mentioned in the plans, just a dashed line in a drawing. So far it looks about right.
    I left the little loop  made by tatting over tails at the start, to join the last thread to. I weave the tail into the black to keep it out of the way. When I finish this round, I can pass the shuttle through the loop and pull the tail to close it.


  1. Looking great, Tim. I admire your patience!!!

  2. Well you got my interest, the loop thing is a different approach too😄looking good.

  3. It looks great so far. I'm curious about the loop - you may need to show us that trick in more detail sometime.

    1. I think the loop is just like starting with an SCMR. Just gives me an attachment point when I get back around. I will pull the thread back out of the doily. I weave it in to keep it out of the way. Then I pass the shuttle through and pull the tail to tighten the loop. Overhand knot (SLT?) and sew in the second thread.