Saturday, January 6, 2018

Repairs to the 3D Printer

    I got my package today. I had to order a new cable and bed heater board for the 3D printer. The board was $63 and the $12. Shipping was $14 making the total $89. Still a lot cheaper than buying a new printer. This one was $999 plus tax and shipping. No, wait. I think the shipping was free. The printer is a Flashforge Creator Pro. I think you can get it now for $799.
    Anyway, I got the box and spent an hour installing the new board and cable. Then I put the machine back together and turned it on. Nothing. It did not start, nothing showed on the screen. OK, all I did was swap a couple of parts, nothing major. It was starting properly before. It just would not heat. I opened it up again and checked one of the connections. I think I had it on wrong. I pulled the plug, put it back and hit the on switch. Success!! It came right up. I closed everything up and Started the preheat on the bed. It started working properly immediately.
    In the photos, you can see what happened. The cable plugs at the heater board got fried for some reason. I have no idea why. One of the connections even had the solder melted off. Must have been too hot.


  1. Impressive, i dont know if I could ever figure out how to use it let alone fix it😀

    1. Actually, there was a message on the front panel that told me it could not heat. From there it was pretty obvious what was wrong. Fixing it was just taking out a dozen screws and tracing the wiring.

  2. Happy new year! I hope you're recovering, I wish you a healthy new year. The horse is fantastic!