Sunday, November 13, 2016

New Shuttles

    I got new shuttles yesterday. These are made of maple burl by Veronica from St. Petersburg, Russia. I got them from Lisa Adams at the new Tatting Corner. Only took a few days to get them in the mail. Price was really reasonable. Looks like she is going to carry some of those.
    These are 2"3/4 long and about 3/4" high and 3/4" wide. The tips are really tight. I don't know if they will relax a bit with use or not. I have not tried much with them yet, but I am going to soon. They look as though they should hold a good amount of thread. I only tried them with size 10 enough to make a ring.


  1. Love them I have some like this I have to adjust my hands cause the are so large but I love that they hole tons of thread💟😄💟

  2. Ooh very nice shuttles! I'm glad Tatting Corner is back up.

  3. Beautiful shuttles (don't show Diane she will be rushing to buy some like them to go in her vast collection)