Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fixing a Round

    Yesterday I was starting a new round and a lot of people chimed in on methods, especially Muskaan. I do appreciate the links and suggestions. Well, I worked a bit of the round and you can see that there are Josephine rings on the shorter chains. Those take a bit of care. Don't you know I got one knotted when I closed. So I ended up cutting it loose.
    Yesterday, I attached the chain into a loop from the first ring. This time, I do it just a bit different. Once again, I don't know if anyone else does it this way, but it works for me. (So far, at least) It may not be the "correct" way, but is there only one way to tat? Nope.
    I have taken the tatting loose back to a ring. Now I have a short chain thread left and I need to attach my "ball" thread. I pass the end of the thread thru the ring, leaving about a 6" (maybe a little longer) tail.
    Holding the thread at the ring, I tat the chain stitches over the short tail. I went ahead and made the Josephine ring, then carried the short tail to the end of my chain so it would look even.

    Once I got that done, I pulled the end of the new thread down into the crotch of the ring. I threaded a needle and wrapped it once around that ring thread, then sewed it into the previous chain through the caps. When that was done, I continued tatting. It doesn't look too bad. And in thread this small, the average person wont see a thing.
 I must admit that even though it is a bit of a challenge using the Sulky thread, I do like it a lot. I have tatted with smaller threads, though, so it is not particularly new. Just different.



  1. This is what I do too! (high five!)

  2. Yes, I do that too and if I really messed things up and have more ends to hide I taper them in lengths so look good to the eye

    1. I'm going to have to remember the taper trick! Never thought of it.

  3. I used a sulky 12W for a doily a few years back. I found a very sharp pin and picking at the knot assisted in retrotatting. Your fix looks great.

  4. Your fix worked and that is all that matters. It's very similar to what I do as well. Love the colors you are using.

  5. Nicely done!!! That's what I love about tatting - there are always so many paths and lanes to reach our destination. Can't even remember all the little tweaks that help us get there :-)