Monday, November 21, 2016

Leen's Angel

    A friend of mine that I taught to tat is making several of Leen's Angel for Christmas, I think for presents. She has not been tatting long (only 3 or 4 projects) and already has progressed to using beads. I really think she has a knack for this.
    The pattern she is working has 2 parts, the  body and wings, and the skirt. In the center of the body are 4 rings. She asked if there was a way to add a bead there. The problem is that the bead has 2 holes, but she wants 4 connections. We talked about a couple of ways to do it. One was to make a ring around the bead that has 4 picots to connect to. This is too much trouble and will change the construction of the body, adding too much material in the middle. The solution is simple, actually. Put the bead on one picot and connect around it.
    Then another problem arose. The rings are gapped and can twist. They don't hold their positions. The rings, it turns out, are 6-6. So I changed that to 4-2+2-4. Same stitch count, but putting the picots on the side lets me join the rings near the bead, keep the correct stitch count, and it makes it all look a lot better with the bead in the middle. I think she will like this solution.

    As usual, pardon the background. That is my pinning board, thus the holes. I do not have this one pinned out. I just finished it. Next, I will add the skirt.
    This pattern is by Eileen Stafford.


  1. At first I thought she had really long arms ha ha ha but I read๐Ÿ˜„ I know I have been adding beads to my angels this year and have had to make the same decisions and even add extra double stitches too ๐ŸŽ„

  2. So far looking good, and for a beginner excellent work

    1. Well, Margaret, thanks, but I am afraid that one is mine. I will post hers a bit later. She is going to finish the whole thing and send me the picture. I did this one in a hurry before work this morning to show her how the center bead will look. I need to make it neater.