Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Have not posted anything for a while. Still trying to clean up the mess from the fallen trees, so my time is mostly outside lately.
This morning I decided to take a different tack and try something I had only failed at before. Now I won't say it is a roaring success, but at least now I know what I am trying to do. This is the first bauble I have successfully made. At our September meeting of the guild we were supposed to make a bauble, but I had no idea what they were. I ended up with a mess. This morning I got out the book I bought by the Shuttle Brothers and started in on how to do a bauble. This one is not much to look at, but at least it is somewhat what it is supposed to be. I am still trying to figure out tying up the ends, but that will come. With practice I will get better at making them. I need to do this anyway so I can join Jane's exclusive club. So! On with the practice - among other things I am trying to do. Too much to do, never enough time.