Sunday, April 2, 2017

Catch Up

    Yesterday was International Tatting Day. I did do some tatting yesterday, but I am not allowed to show it. I worked on my TAT program and got a bit of it done. Still more to do. I am working on the artisan phase. It is taking a while because I have a lot of other things I want to tat also.
    I am trying to catch up with UFO's today. That's UnFinished Objects. I caught up with 2 anyway.
I saw on Craftree someone had done a nice clover just before St. Patrick's day so I had to try one. The first attempt did not work out so well. This one is a bit better, but I think it could be improved if I paid a little more attention.

    I had started on a butterfly from Iris Niebach's book of butterflies. I do not like the body because it is a bauble and I have a time with baubles. I decided to go ahead and finish what I started, though.I suppose it looks OK. It could be a whole lot better. I think from now on I will make the body black so the gaps don't show as much.

I have a couple more things to work on today. I think I will sit on the deck out back and watch the dogs play while I tat.


  1. Wow, it looks a lot better than ok!

  2. Great clover and awesome butterfly!!!!! :)

  3. I'll be cheering you on for the Artisan phase. I'll confess that when I got my packet, I was a bit overwhelmed. But, with encouragement, I persevered. I am now a Master Tatter. You can be one too!

    1. I don't know about overwhelmed, but there are things that I just don't care to do. I can do them, I just don't really like to. For instance, I hate dimpled rings. I can make them, but I don't care for them.
      Thanks for the cheering section, though. Right now, I need the push.