Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Minor Norwegian Dragon

    Someone on Craftree was having trouble with a pattern for a Minor Norwegian Dragon. I checked out the pattern and decided I wanted one, so here he is. A golden dragon. That is the name of the Chinese restaurant here. Maybe he is their mascot. Cute little fellow, though. Need to do the dimpled ring better. (I hate dimpled rings, in case you haven't heard.)

    Dues for the Palmetto Tatters is one butterfly a year. Would this "butterfly" count? (Just kidding.)


  1. I love dimpled rings - I taught a pattern some year back at Palmetto that was a cross made of all dimples rings.

    1. Then I know I have that pattern. I have seen it recently somewhere, possibly going through the CD's.

  2. I love this dragon. It's a while since I tatted it, and Anne's other dragons.

  3. Looks very pretty, I have done this pattern, it's not for the faint hearted, but an interesting pattern for any tatter. Well done your dimple rings look OK to me.