Saturday, April 15, 2017

More Shuttles

    I am making more shuttles to send to the Shuttlebirds. I thought I would try a new color of plastic this time. I really did not know how they would turn out. I think I really like the pink. It is not usually my favorite color (green is) but this really works well. I am going to make a rack of them for myself as well. I suppose I need to add some to the bag I did for the Palmetto Tatters also.


  1. These are so wonderful! Would you consider sharing your design? We have a 3D printer at school and I'm going to teach tatting for our exploratory learning day. I think the students would be thrilled to have shuttles from our own school!

    1. Michelle, email me at

  2. That's so nice of you! Maybe I'll get to see one of your shuttles in action, I'll be at Shuttlebirds this year. The pink is nice and bright. Perfect for attracting new tatters!

  3. Oh! And I have to miss Shuttlebirds again this year. I know these will be appreciated. Wonderful color.
    My husband has designed a kickstand for the Goldwing motorcycle and we have one made with a 3D printer. Fascinating.

  4. Pretty neat!! Thanks for showing them this way! :)