Friday, April 28, 2017

What a Day

    Well. This has been a productive Friday. I stayed home from work today because my car has been in the shop undergoing repairs from the accident a couple weeks ago. I had a rental, but it ran out yesterday. I am cheap enough to say I am not paying for this accident, so I returned the rental and went home on vacation time.
    Today I have cut grass and cleaned around the house. I have worked on a tatting project that I will post in a few days, hopefully, that I am doing for a local tea house. I got my car back and it looks great. Then I checked the mail and my package is there. Two of them. One I will post tomorrow.

    Look at what I have now. I ordered more shuttles and they arrived in bunches, 2 or three at a time.
Some arrived Wednesday. Some arrived Thursday. The rest arrived today. This is a nice collection of Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles. I have misplaced the package for the Ebony and Apple ones, but that is because they are in use. I love these shuttles!


  1. Wow Tim, you've really started quite the collection. Lovely shuttles and very productive day.

    1. I'm trying to catch up to Diane. Hehe.