Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I'm Gonna Tat Today

    I'm gonna tat today. I swear I'm gonna tat. I need the break. Lately I have been busy outdoors and I am tired. It is yard trash pickup today so I have something for them. I just put out the last 8 bags this morning. They can have it.
    I have 32 bags of leaves from the back yard. My front yard is not so bad by far, but parts of my back yard are just full. I have trees everywhere. Remember? They like to fall and cause me expense. And now I have to pick up after them. Yeah, it looks better. I like it, but it is a lot of work.

    Well, I'm gonna tat. I have some things to get done and I want to do the tatting, not the raking. That rake is making my arthritis in my thumbs hurt too. That makes it harder to hold the shuttle. I don't care. I'm gonna tat. Then I can post tatting instead of leaves. Gimme my shuttle!

    Oh,  by the way. I gave my buddy next door the hat. He loved it!


  1. Tatting rather than raking leaves sounds like a good plan.

  2. Yes, go for it! And go to YouTube for great stretches for your thumb and hands!

  3. Hi, Tim! Whatcha doin' today?

  4. Hope you had enough time to tat to your heart's content! Today, I'm GOING to play that Buxtehude piece that's been knocking around my head. Then start to write out the pattern I based on it! Well, only if there's 48 hours in the day.....