Sunday, February 25, 2018

Working With Split Rings

    A friend said they are having a little trouble with split rings, so I made a couple of short videos to show them how to get around the problem. First up is just how I make a picot on the "split" part of the ring. I call the part of the split ring that is closest to me the split part. You make the stitches as RODS, of course. 

 The other problem they were having was how to attach the split ring to a picot on another element. It is a little tricky until you understand that the core thread has to remain the core thread. This video shows how it works.

    I hope these help explain this to those who have not yet "gotten it".


  1. That was nice of you, but I can't get mine to play. I dont need this but just FYI😄

    1. Sorry. I had uploaded it as a picture instead of a video. It won't play that way. Now it works. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Thanks for posting, Tim. I couldn't get it to play either. :-(

  3. Thank you, Tim! Both videos are very helpful. I never thought of moving the thread so that there would be tension from my pointer and pinky. I will give it a try!