Saturday, February 3, 2018

Renulek's Spring Napkin

    After replies about working in small thread I took a look around Handy Hands and found some DMC in size 100. I ordered 2 in white and 2 in ecru. I like those for really involved patterns and they always go with any color scheme anywhere. I wound a couple of shuttles, CTM, then put the amount on the CTM thread chart I am doing. I can get 30 yards of size 100 DMC on an Aero bobbin.
     Next, the pattern. Not being artistic enough to invent one of my own, I started looking around. I thought about some of the old patterns from the turn of the century. I thumbed through the Priscilla books, Julia Sanders, and others. Then it struck me to see if maybe Renulek has a new spring napkin out. It turns out she does. Now I am told she posts a round at a time on her blog, but being impatient, and needing to know what the next round is, I bought the pattern pdf. It is only $7 and well worth the money when you think about what has to go into creating one of these.
    So now I am set. I am working on round 4 as I type this (February 3). The reason I wanted the complete pattern is that I like to work continuous method when I can. I think it makes you pay a bit more attention. The shift from round 1 to 2 was only a split chain, and from 2 to 3 was the same, but 3 to 4 was a 10 stitch split chain with a picot in it, 5-5, then the offset split ring that was a thrown ring everywhere else, then  a split ring to start round 4. Easy peasy thanks once again to Marie Smith. If you don't know what that means, look here and get the Fast and Easy pdf.

Round 2 done
Round 3 split chain
Round 3 split ring added

Round 3 finished


  1. I’m trying to climb out of each round too. I can see I’ll have to keep my wits about me on round 3.

  2. Yes it's fun to climb out but this time I am changing colors too so i just end and hide.😏

    1. And that is an excellent reason to do so. I am just doing all white.

  3. DMC 100 looks very fine and you tat it up beautifully. Thanks for the hints on round 3 to 4, I will wait for each release on Thursdays.