Sunday, December 11, 2016

Split Chains

    It's been a busy week at work. Have not had much time for tatting (sob, wail, sob). I would rather tat than work, but I also know what pays the bills.
    I am also working on the projects for the TAT program so I will not post those, per request. At least when I am working on that, I am tatting.
    I am going to cover a Christmas ball. As I was working it, I thought I would make a split chain to jump out of a round. Well, I do them so often (he says facetiously) that I had to look it up, so I went to my favorite source, the Eborall University of Tatting library.
    In the library, under split chains, I see "Fast and Easy". Sounds like a winner to me. I tried it. It WORKED!!. Then I notice it is a method that was figured out by Marie Smith. Dear Marie. Next time I see her at a meeting, I have to thank her for this. I think it simplifies the split chain so much. It  really is an easier method.

You can see my first attempts at it with this method worked fine. I do have one stitch that I did not pull tight enough, but that is minor. I love this way of doing it. I think I owe Marie some chocolates.


  1. Looks good. And just the other day I was trying to remember where I'd seen the "Fast & Easy" method,but didn't take time to look it up. Somewhere I've seen a video of it and wish I'd gone straight to The Eborall University of Tatting. Jane's instructions are so well done and such a help. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. It's very effective. I don't often do split chains, so I have to look up Jane's page to remind myself. Hooray for Marie and Jane!

  3. It looks great but I do see what you mean about the one stitch. I think going through the TAT course makes you look at things with a more critical eye.