Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sidetracked Again!

    I really have a major problem with staying on task. I need to work on the carousel. I need to redo the star Jane Eborall created. (Mine was way too loose.) I REALLY need to get back to the TAT program and get it done. (Artisan level).
    Right now I am working on this. It will be a top hat. If you saw it on Craftree, then you already know. I was taken for lunch to a local tea house called Top Hat. I saw a crocheted doily on the wall in a frame and asked why no tatting? The lady that owns the place was interested. I decided she needed a tatted top hat. No, she does not know. Only my friend that took me there knows.
    This is a pattern I found on Craftree. I have made modifications to it. The original has the outer rounds and the "chimney" part all pulled out of shape, so I "adjusted" it by adding rings between the ones that are in the pattern. Now it looks better. At least to me it does. I have not shaped it much yet since I still have to manhandle it to tat it. I am making it in size 3 Lizbeth. It feels like rope and it is stiff and waxy.

    It is coming along. I think she will like it when I get it done.


  1. You sound a lot like me. Should be working on the master proficiency course but seem to stay side tracked with other priorities. Will look forward to seeing the finished top hat.

  2. I am sure she will love it, look forward to seeing it when finished

    1. Should not take much longer. I have one round on the chimney to finish, then the brim.

  3. Looks like you are off to a wonderful start!! :)

  4. Oh, it will be fun to hear about her reaction to such a thoughtful special surprise gift.