Sunday, February 19, 2017


Sorry, only managed to get one bracelet done. This one is the first one I have completed, so I see a few minor things I need to address to make it look better. Still, it does not look too bad. I see I need to  adjust the tension and thread location on the side of the heart, get the proportions a bit more even, and work out how to get the tension right on the wrist band sections. I think the next one will have a magnetic clasp. It is just easier to use.
    I did this one with the beads that were given to us at Tat Days along with the pattern. However, the pearl in the center was not part of our package and I just thought it looked better than the other larger beads we were given. I know someone who wants this, so I will probably give it to her this week.
    And thanks to Muskaan for designing it.


  1. Just beautiful love what you have created 🌹💟🌹

  2. Just in time for spring ! Yellow is the colour of spring in North India :-)
    Thanks for trying out the pattern.

  3. Oh, beware of magnetic clasps. I've lost several bracelets because of them. I must've caught them whilst doing something and they've snapped off. Looks very pretty.