Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Shuttles!

   OK! Now I am all excited! I just went to the mail box and found what I was waiting for. New shuttles. Pop-a-Bobbin shuttles. Jane is selling some, but I actually ordered these direct from Sally. She put them in the mail last Tuesday. They are here this Tuesday. Only 7 days across the pond and through customs? Amazing.
    Anyway, I had to try them out. The wood feels so good in the hand. I loaded some size 80. The hooks fit it well. One thing I really noticed was that these are the first silent tatting shuttles I have ever seen or used. I mean no clicks either from the tips as the thread passes through, or from the bobbin as in winds and unwinds. One thing I will do, though, is leave the little sleeve on the hook. I have a nasty habit of catching on everything. That is one of the reasons I don't usually use a bobbin shuttle. I can remove it to make a join, then put the cover back. Not a problem. I don't get in a hurry.
    I got one in apple and one in ebony. I like ebony. Very stable wood. That's why they make piano keys and oboes from it. I like the look of the grain in the apple and the color is just beautiful. Together they make a nice contrast for shuttle one and shuttle two.
    I am leaving Sunday morning for a week long business trip to Tampa, Florida. When I am not working, I know what I will be doing in the hotel room. Silently.


  1. Good to read that you are enjoying your lovely new shuttles! 'Im in the garage makes shuttles without hooks as well, might be something to think about next time you buy one. I have several of them, and I do prefer my hookless shuttles.

  2. Happy tatting with your beautiful new shuttles.

  3. They are nice looking, I don't you that style of shuttles but I envy the idea of winding threads on a sewing machine 😄🌹😄

  4. I have some and love them. That Ebony one is a beauty.

  5. Lovely to see them again this time in their new home and then they will be traveling again at the weekend! Have fun with them