Thursday, May 14, 2020

Serweta 2 Round 3

    I finally have round 3 done on Serweta 2. This is really letting me learn this thrown ring method. It's like trial by fire. Actually, this is not something difficult to do. The rings are thrown from the "back side" of a split ring. Looking through the book in the instructions, though, I do not see where he designated the symbology for a split ring. I do like his designs but if you do them, be prepared to figure out how to tat some of it. He is not explicit on methods.

    The big reason I was so slow getting this round done is mostly that my shoulder started acting up again so I stopped tatting for several days. It is repetitive stress syndrome and arthritis and bursitis all at once. Now it has subsided for a while. I will see how long it takes to act up again. Oh, well, the advantages of getting old, hehe.
    Did you notice the title again? I'm learning Polish. One word a year. Now, I have to learn the whole language before I die. Is that an insurance policy, or what? And after Polish, Japanese. I should be around forever! How do you say "round" in Polish? As in round 4, coming up.


  1. It looks fantastic, well worth figuring out!

  2. How to say round in Polish, Tim? Do what I do - use Google translate!! I’m sure you know about that already!!! Dutch is still double Dutch to me even after all these weeks of translating it!!!

    1. I tried that, but the word round can mean so many things. Which word is the proper one for the usage? I don't think the word round for needlework is the same as the one used in a pub to buy a round.

  3. Polski wyrob, Tim! I learned Italian the same way at work from an Italian coworker. My vocabulary is about seven words. Disgustoso!