Sunday, February 10, 2019

Faith Crown

    Just a quick update. I got the first round done, but  I am not really happy with it. I know I can do better. I am going to go with it as is at the moment and finish this crown. I will probably do it over later, but for now I am looking for the "glitches". I have found a couple.
    The first was running out of thread on the first round. I hate to tie in tails any more than needed, so I will have to use a larger shuttle next time.
    Second, I can tie in tails a lot better than I did, but I was in a hurry, so it does not look very good to me. No, you probably cannot see it in this photo. I am so ashamed of it I don't want to show it.
    Third, I also got a couple of  "loose" spots, where the chain or ring should be pulled together better.

    This photo is the first and second round. R2 is just the chain from ring-top to ring-top. On to the final round and see what errors await.


  1. If we get to meet up at Tat Days I must show you how I join in new threads without any knots at all!!!! That’s if you want to know, of course!!!!

  2. It’s not easy to get things perfect on first attempt. Makes sense to me to carry on and then plan to make another, knowing all the pitfalls.

  3. Ah, learning from mistakes! I wish I could say I was happy with every piece I tat. I'm not. I see imperfections glaring at me from almost every single one. Still, we do learn from them!

  4. The rings look great like perfect circles 😊