Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Round 10 Done

    Well, well. I finally got through with round 10 of Renulek's 2018 Spring Napkin. I just have too much going on. This was a long round and it looks like round 11 will be longer. I did remember to check the position of the ring with 5 attachments, though, and I did get them all correct. The doily is now about 9 inches across. I am, if you recall, doing it in DMC size 100. I wish I could get a better photo, but the office lights reflect too much so I have to angle it to be able to see the doily. I still have no blocking needed. Perhaps a light pressing when I finish it. It lays pretty well as is.

    Time to start work now, so I will start round 11 at lunch. Maybe. If I have a moment free.


  1. Oh this is going to be good and such tiny thread is very cool!

  2. Not sure if I pressed publish, on this so I'll try again I love it and it is going to be great with size 100 thread too!