Monday, May 14, 2018

Metallic - A Bit Different

     Handy Hands has released their metallic thread. I see a lot of people online trying it out and working with it. I have to confess, I have not bought any yet. I am still trying to "like" working metallic threads. I do have some. I think I have 3 brands. Coats, DMC and something else on a mini-spool that I don't remember. I think I got the last one at Tat Days. It's not Kreinik. Brandi (the girl at work that I tat with) did buy some. I tried a bit of hers. It works fine, but there is a texture thing going on with me no matter what brand I use. It just feels funny. I am used to a nice, smooth cotton thread. The metallic threads almost make my fingerprints itch. It feels a little "sticky".

    I did this piece with DMC metallic thread. I don't see a size on the spool, but it is probably something about like a 100 size. I think I found it at JoAnns. This is the center of the Amusement Doily, but only 8 repeats instead of 10. The metallic thread looks more yellow than gold and it does not glitter like metal in the photo. I think this medallion would look at home on a kimono or some such dress. The background is not denim. It is the blue goodie bag from last year's Tat Days.

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