Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Weekend is coming

Sounds like Game of Thrones. Might be. They just closed the schools for the rest of the week. Hurricane Matthew should arrive around midnight on Friday night. They say it will be a category 2. We are about 70- 80 miles from where they say it will make landfall. I guess we will just go to bed and get up if it is too noisy. The wife is nervous. I figure I cannot do anything about it. If the lights go out I have a generator that is good for a few hours per gallon. I cannot tat tonight. I want to. I am still trying to figure out a couple things. But I have a radio club meeting (amateur radio) and we will be making plans for the storm. When the cell towers go down, radio still gets out. Will tat more in the morning and see if I can get it right. I tried to do some experimenting with what I want to do at lunch. Sort of got most of it, but still a couple glitches. I will get it figured out before I tell what it is. One of you probably could tell me what to do, but sometimes I just want to do it myself. One of the problems is probably that it is a bit harder to see Sulky 712 thread. I should probably work it in 10 or 20 first but I do have a stubborn streak. And actually, what I want to do is a preliminary before I do the final idea. I better get ready for the meeting. I hope we don't have to activate emergency services. They look at me funny at those meetings any more. I just sit, listen, tat away...

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  1. Hope everything works out for you. Tatting, storm etc. Stay safe.