Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Still No Internet

I really want to do more posting on here, but since the storm, I have little access to the internet. We got our power back, but when they replaced the pole the power was all they restored so I still have no cable TV, no phone other than cell phone, and no internet. I don't want to post much from the phone because I don't have much of a data plan.
I have made a bit of headway on the spinning wheel glass mat, but I keep getting other things in the way. One thing is the second part of the TAT program that I am working on. It is coming along nicely so far. Tonight I plan on starting the second project. It happens to be one of Jane Eborall's patterns, but I cannot tell you which one. If you want to make it, you can probably go to her website and make one of everything. It is probably on there. Jane, when are you going to publish a book of all your designs?
I am still working on that idea I have for a design. I finished the second round (another of those that I pick up and the wife calls for something that needs doing). This might look OK the way I have it, but I have secret plans for it. Now to try something for round 3. I guess i will try to incorporate that lonely ring.


  1. Love the colours you're using on this, Tim.
    A book? The answer is never. Not enough time to do a book and I'd rather give the patterns away on the internet than spend precious time sorting them into a book. I'd have to dream up a whole new set of patterns for a book too and that would put pressure on when I'm trying to avoid stress in my life. I'd hate for people to be disappointed in a book as well. I've got hundreds of books that I've gained over the years and from which I've not made one pattern!!!

  2. Recovery from a storm is always slow. I'm glad you're enjoying tatting as you go. The TAT patterns are fun! Some were fiddly, but that was important for me to work through. Can't wait to hear about your progress.

  3. Great looking design!! :) That lonely ring makes the project look like a pendant.

  4. Your design is getting more interesting, the color change each round makes it easier to see how it is done. Hope you recover quickly from the storm.

  5. I like your design and the lonely ring gives me the idea this is a pendant, you did make me laugh I get the same from my husband as soon as you pick up something they want something, sounds like it's the same the around the world. Hope your storm damage gets sorted quickly, we had a hurricane here in the uk some years ago, some try to say it wasn't well they did not live though it or were in it, it took months to really gets things totally back to normal. Hope your internet gets back on soon.

  6. Tim, I like your doily that got the purple ribbon at the fair
    can you tell me where you did find the pattern?

    1. Riet, it was so nice to meet you at Tat Days and at the following guild meeting. The pattern for the doily can be ordered from this web site.