Friday, October 9, 2020

Round 6 and Something fast.

     I have round 6 done now on the Renulek Spring Napkin for 2020. It went pretty well. I pulled off the same stunt again, though. One shuttle had only about 8" left when I got through with the round. Now to round 7, which, honestly, I am already 1/4 of the way finished with. The photo doesn't show any of round 7.

    I will be taking this and the pattern with me this coming week. Turns out I am going to Tat Days after all. Oh, I went to Palmetto Tat Days. Now I am going to Indiana for Tatting Corner Tat Days. Lisa Adams at the Tatting Corner (a good place for supplies!) asked for some assistance and it ended up with an invitation so I am taking her up on it and will be attending. Fun, fun, fun. See you there if you're going.
    On another note, and just for interest is the photo below. You may know I like to watch "cab view train ride" videos while I tat. I think they are relaxing and I get to see places I will most likely never have the chance to visit. This photo is from a video trip in France. They have high speed trains there.
The small white text says 320. That is the maximum km/h the train is allowed to go. See the actual speed in red? 317km/h. That means this train was moving at 197 miles per hour. That engineer should drive for NASCAR!
    If you would like to see this video, it is the trip from Toulouse to Paris. It is on YouTube.


  1. Sounds like a scary train ride to me! Enjoy your trip. The renulek is looking good.

  2. Have a wonderful time, Tim! I loved attending Lisa's first Tat Days. It just hasn't been in the cards for me to be there again.

  3. Did you have a childhood wish to be a train driver? Is this your second childhood or third or fourth etc? Have fun at the Tat Days. I’m jealous.

  4. Tim, love the lace. Have you been for a trip on the Ghan yet? That's the train which crosses Australia N --> S.

    1. Judith, there are 3 trains in Australia I wish they would make into videos from the cab. The Ghan, as you mention, the Indian Pacific and the Overland. Any or all of these would be magnificent. I will keep looking for them.