Friday, June 5, 2020

Almost Too Busy

    I know we all need something to do, but this is getting ridiculous. I have a lot going on almost too much! I am working on the Serweta 2 doily. I have round 5 completed. There are 11 rounds. Some of them go pretty slowly. That is because they are composed of individual motifs, therefore I have a lot of ends to sew in. One round does not use the same motif. It uses 2 different ones, alternating. I may do all of one, then do all of the other, just to get some rhythm. They do join, though, so I will have to try that and see what might be easier.
    I also have another doily going. This one is a test tat for Jane Eborall. It is another one of the dutch doilies. She has already blogged it so now she has given me permission to do so also. I am using King Tut thread, of course, #988, Oasis. I haven't done anything in green for a long time, possibly since the Monster Doily, so I am glad to be back to my favorite color.

    Okay, ask me why I like green. Go ahead. Want the answer? "What's in YOUR wallet?". And no, I don't mean credit cards. Hehe. Well, at least in the USA we call money "long green" or "greenbacks". And to tell the truth, it seems to me to be a more calming color than blue or red.
    I am also working on the house, the yard, some wood projects, a computer project and a few more things. Yes, I will be returning to the other projects I have. I switch between the during the day to avoid boredom, but so far I really like this doily pattern so I will probably finish it pretty quickly.


  1. The Dutch doily is pretty fast to make, Tim. Didn’t take me too long!! The last round takes the longest but is probably the most interesting!!!

  2. Busy is good! I like the idea of switching between projects. That will keep your shoulder healthier. BTW green is my favorite part of the color wheel also. I grew up in Oregon. Any wonder I like green?

  3. Yes, you are busy! I agree that green is a soothing color to work with. Mom always wanted her walls painted "light celery green" because it went with everything. Now she says she prefers light apple green. Blue is still my favorite color, but I do find that I turn to green more and more.