Saturday, June 30, 2018

More Round Robin

    I did finally finish my round on this doily. Now I am putting on a "finish coat" to it. For this doily, I had to create the last round. I left picots to attach to because the agreement was a last round could be added by the person who began this doily if so desired. A couple of them pronounced it finished. I want to end it off smoothly so I am adding a chain round. At each picot, then, I make a Catherine Wheel Join. This gives the smooth, undimpled look to the chain. After I am through, since the core thread will slide through a CWJ, I can adjust the tension around to make it even.
    I used this thread (King Tut Rosetta Stone) because I think it looks like granite, or some similar stone. Don't you?


  1. Very complex granite! Splendid. The round robin is an interesting concept, I think you’ve all done amazing work. Tim, if you email me ikorro (at) I’ll send you the recipe for rusks.

  2. Thanks, folks. Look at July 2 for the finished item.