Saturday, March 17, 2018

Round 8 Done and Good News

    I now have round 8 of Renulek's Spring Napkin done. Working on it has been hit and miss because we have a big push at work to get out the new version of our software. Since I am a tester and I do support, I have had to work 12 hour days again just to keep up. I worked on round 8 when I could, for instance, at lunch. Of course, I take an hour and someone else will take 1/2 hour and I have to stop.

    I did cut and tie this round. The next couple rounds really do not lend themselves to continuous tatting. It is not that I could not find a path, though round 10 would really be a challenge. Mostly it  was time cut and tie vs. continuous tatting time. It just made more sense to do it the easier way this time. Now to start round 9.

In other news, the good news in the title is that, if you remember late fall of 2016 we had a hurricane and it left a large tree in my back yard with a really massive stump and trunk. I was finally able to hire a service to get it out of the yard and grind the stump down. Now all that is left is moving the rest of the stuff in the old shed to the new one and dismantling the old shed down to the floor. I think the floor is ok. If it is, I am just going to rebuild it. Then I will have 2 sheds. One will become my radio shack for my ham radio stuff. I can't wait!


  1. Yea once the doily get this big it doesn't matter to find a path through, to me anyway. But is fun and useful to find that path in the beginning. Ham radio is something we have almost gotten into at times and very useful too!

  2. It looks great, Tim! No stretched rings! I don't mind re-tatting this round, as I find it very relaxing. Dave has two sheds... he built one in 1976 when he and his brother-in-law bought our property, the other he built two years ago to store his gardening stuff. I'm beginning to think I need a shed just for my tatting pleasure!

    1. I remember that sketch. My first husband was a big Monty Python fan.

    2. There are a couple stretched rings near the bottom. I am not going to worry about those. When I think of 2 sheds, I am reminded of Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson. A Monty Python sketch. It's on Google if you don't know it. Funny stuff.

  3. Interesting that you tied and cut, I’ve also been climbing out but perhaps it’s time to change that. I’m doing the one-round-at-a-time approach so I’ll have to see later.