Monday, March 13, 2017


    I was just about through with the "attachment" round this morning when I noticed I was getting low on thread on the "ball thread" shuttle. Since this round is all chain, I did an SLT and continued, thinking I would have enough thread that way. I had started CTM so the thread is all the same color.
    I had about 5 chains to go and the thread came off the bobbin. I have been a fan of post shuttles mostly but I think I may be changing back. If you remember, I just got the Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles a couple of weeks ago and I have been working with them trying to adjust. This morning has pretty much sold me on them. And I mean the Pop-A Bobbin in particular.

    The left photo shows just how little thread is left. I think it is just enough to sew in the ends. I was able to use the shuttle to finish tatting though. With any other shuttle, I don't think i could have, but look at the right photo. What I did was pass the end of the thread through the little hole in the bobbin, then I trapped the end in the hole with the shuttle pin. It cannot come loose and I was able to use almost all the thread without finger tatting. What a lifesaver!


  1. They look like well made shuttles, but I just cant get the speed I want with them. I wish I could see others tat in person,cause at home I can't get these to work for me :(

    1. I do know what you mean. I am having to practice a lot with them to get the feel of the size and shape, since they are different from the clover and others. Another advantage I have discovered, and in all the years previous that I had used bobbin shuttles that I never thought of it, I bought a bunch of the aerlit bobbings and can wind different threads and keep them handy to just change out when I need to. And I can wind them on the machine.

  2. Wow! That doily is looking great!! :)

  3. The Pop-A-Bobbins do have a different feel, one that I like. I do use mine, just not on a regular basis. I've developed a rhythm with post shuttles that I don't seem to achieve with bobbin shuttles. Maybe I need to follow your lead and set aside my post shuttles for a while so that I truly give my Pop-A-Bobbins a chance!

  4. I love my Pop-A-Bobbins and they just don't compare to the Aerlit shuttles at all. I tend to use them as the ball thread and then use a post shuttle on the core. I am not a very fast tatter so speed is not my goal. The hooks are especially useful when working with beads (and retrotatting). You have some lovely shuttles.