Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Books, Books, Books


    I cannot help it. I have to collect.This is a good part of my tatting book collection. I currently have over 300, which is not as big as some collections I am aware of, but it is mine. I recently had an opportunity to purchase more books from a private sale. I was shown photos of what was available and picked out the ones I wanted. The problem was, do I have this book or that book already on the shelf?

    I have a great way to help with that. There is a piece of software available called Readerware. It is a database. You can get it for books, music, and videos. I have the one for books. This software could (and may) be used by libraries to check books in and out. I use it to keep my inventory. The nice thing is, there is a PC version (paid) and a smart phone version (free). I usually enter my data on the PC, then I can sync between the PC and the phone. You can find it here:

    For the book sale I mention above, I went through the offer with my phone in hand checking to see if I have it or not, then was able to select the ones I wanted without duplication. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you might want to look into this software. It is really quite good and no, I have no other affiliations with the software other than very satisfied customer.


  1. This seems that it can be very useful with various collections. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I spend a good deal of time cataloging music, the printed kind in books, that comes through my door. I wish that software for "music" included that kind. Unfortunately, I've had to resort to learning Excel past the beginner level. But, at least I know if I have the music and can play it!
    I should do the same for my tatting pattern/book collection. Sigh!!