Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Not In Love With It

     I may soon get over this earring kick I have been on. I had to find one that I don't care for eventually. The colors are for a friend of a friend. It's not the colors.

    This is one from IL Mio Chiacchierino number 3. I have not made the other one yet. I really don't care for the construction or the look. Doing the cabone was simple enough, but I think it needs more stitches. The instruction asked for 7 stitches between the picots. I think 9 would be better. 

    The second round starts with the ring attached to the cabone, then goes around doing ring, ring chain. No problem, but the way it ends is horrid. The pattern goes to the chain, ring, chain and attaches back to the black rings. I just don't like that, and I need to get better tension control on the chains. They are supposed to sag a bit. One of mine is almost straight and the other is too loose. 

    On top of all that, there is the gap in the black rings at the top of the cabone. To me it looks incomplete. I think it would look better if it would go all the way around without the gap.

    I don't think I will make a second one, and I will probably take this one back apart and redo it to see if modifications will help. Maybe.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Books, Books, Books


    I cannot help it. I have to collect.This is a good part of my tatting book collection. I currently have over 300, which is not as big as some collections I am aware of, but it is mine. I recently had an opportunity to purchase more books from a private sale. I was shown photos of what was available and picked out the ones I wanted. The problem was, do I have this book or that book already on the shelf?

    I have a great way to help with that. There is a piece of software available called Readerware. It is a database. You can get it for books, music, and videos. I have the one for books. This software could (and may) be used by libraries to check books in and out. I use it to keep my inventory. The nice thing is, there is a PC version (paid) and a smart phone version (free). I usually enter my data on the PC, then I can sync between the PC and the phone. You can find it here: https://www.readerware.com/index.php

    For the book sale I mention above, I went through the offer with my phone in hand checking to see if I have it or not, then was able to select the ones I wanted without duplication. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you might want to look into this software. It is really quite good and no, I have no other affiliations with the software other than very satisfied customer.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Now I Remember


    OK. Now I remember. The scanner doesn't really show the shine on this thread. It is Lizbeth Gold Metallic. Since I have been making earrings lately I thought I would do a pattern from the IL Mio Chiaccheirino #2 magazine. I wanted something different so I decided to use gold metallic thread. Not too bad, I suppose, but I wish the "gold" showed up better in the photo. I didn't use beads because the thread glitters and I think beads would not be seen very well.

    But now I remember. I remember why I rarely use metallic thread. Hard to handle, feels sticky, wants to undo. Now I remember. It does come out pretty, though.

Monday, March 18, 2024

Once Again


    I have to admit, Corina Meyfeldt knows what people like. A neighbor down the street saw another set and wanted some for his wife. He had done me a favor so I did not mind doing one for him. This is turquoise Lizbeth with gold lined glass beads. I really like the color.
    The guy I am making the doily for saw these and now I have to make a set for his fiancee. Those are a different blue and I used a different center bead. I may post those later. I am almost done with them already. 
    I like to make them, but I don't wear them so if someone wants them, I will usually make them and give away. These are habit forming, hehe.

Friday, March 15, 2024

I Have The Cure

     I have the cure. Do any of you suffer from high blood pressure, like I do? Well, now I have found a new medical device that will help with that. Even if your medications are now working as planned, just like mine, this new device can help. 

    My blood pressure can go over 200/100 if I don't take my medications. With the medications, I can get it down to 155/85 and my doctor has doubled my dosage recently. This new device lowers it dramatically. I just finished using it and took my blood pressure. 122/66 and my heart rate has increased too. (It is usually 48-50 so I need it to be higher.)

    So if you just cannot get that pressure down enough, consider getting one of these. You might be glad you did. 

    (To be honest, I think it is just get off your duff and move. So how was my sales pitch for a rake? And yes, I have started round 15 of 18 on the doily.)

Thursday, March 14, 2024

2020 Spring Napkin Round 14 of 18 Done


    I am still slowly working on the 2020 Spring Napkin by Renulek. This will be given to a friend for his mother. Round 14 is done. Only 4 more rounds to go. The next round is really difficult (sarcasm here). It is make a ring, make a chain, make a ring, make a chain, all around. Hopefully it won't take as long.

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Everybody Into The Kitchen


     I needed a break from tatting so I decided to make these. I got a recipe from the Joy of Cooking cookbook, but I don't really care for it. The dough came out too dry and it did not make the stated quantity. It said 60, I got 38. I do not think I made them too big. About the same size as other recipes for 60. I really think this one should have said 40. They do taste good, though. Now go make some cookies!